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Tip Ups & Accessories

Woodstock Rigs
The tip-up-ready Woodstock EZ Tip-Up Rig encourages timid fish to take a bite. Leader material is made of slim, near-invisible 20-lb.-test seven-strand camo wire for the strength and durability to handle hard-fighting fish and ultrasharp teeth. Swivel prevents line twists while your bait free-swims. Quick-change clevis allows for custom styles and color-blade attractors. Included bangles lure wary fish in a variety of fishing conditions. Red bead and red treble hook attract more fish and increase strikes. Per each.
Woodstock Adjustable Quickset Rig
Woostock Quick-Set rigs are designed to keep bait perfectly horizontal- doubling your odds of a good hook set. 20 lb, stainless braided wire, barrel swivel to prevent twisting, a Treble Hook with a tiny spinner blade (to attract attention), and a single red Bait holder hook. Use the single hook in the mouth of your bait, then place the treble on the back of the dorsal fin as a "stinger". Great for Vertical presentations.
HT All-Season Micro-Lite
Designed for use on any Tip-up. Comes equipped with a micro sensitive, switch for easy line release. Comes with lite and two standard 1.5V batteries (hearing aid, 312, or 392, or equivalent).
HT Nordic Ice Tip-Up
200' Spool. 1 per clam pack.
HT Explorer Tip-Up
"Ultra smooth" trip mechanism. Super high flag for easy visibility. Deluxe traditional wood frame. Metal "Easy Flow" spool. 200 or 500 capacity. Folds for easy transporting.
HT Econo Tip-Up
Wood stick frame. 200' spool regular flag.
HT Polar Therm Tip-Up
Multiple trip settings. Easy-lock line guide. Handle on spool. Black cover prevents freeze-up in subzero temps. Cover works for holes from 6"-10". Thermal warming from sun keeps hole from icing up. Set screw on cross shaft allows you to slide trip shaft up and down for heavier and lighter trip settings.
HT Arctic Ice Tip Up W/ Flag Steel
Lubricated for no freeze-up. Ultra smooth trip system. Extra high flag for easy viewing. Folds up for easy storage and transport.
HT Husky Wooden Tip-Up
Deluxe wooden frame. 200' easy flow spool. Easy lock line guide.
HT The Deluxe Polar II Wooden Tip-Up
The Polar II Tip-Up is a wooden frame tip-up that features HT's Lifetime guarantee against freeze-up, 500' capacity easy-flow spool with handle, and best of all the HT quality you have come to trust. this tip-up has a smooth trip, freeze-proof mechanism, and heavy-duty and large wood frame.
HT Polar Tip-Up
Guaranteed not to freeze. Solid high impact guide for easy in/out line placement. V-shaped frame.
HT Telescopic Tip-Up Flag Extension
Easily seen when fishing in deep snow. Stands tall as a Tip-Up marker in the snow. Alerts snowmobilers and other vehicle operators to the presence of your tip-ups. It's interchangeable with All Polars, Polar II Tip-Ups and Polar Therms.
HT Rod Bells With Light Stick Holder
Rod Bells With Light Stick Holder & Chemi-lightstick
Beaver Dam Tip-Ups Accessory Hook
Beaver Dam Tip-ups hook holder is added to the base of the flag rod to keep your leader in straight and your hook in a safe place when not in use. Comes as a 3 pack. Height: 3 1/2" Width: 1/2" Weight:0 Lb(s) 2 Oz.
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$5.99 - $13.99
Arnold Tip-Up Rigging Kit
Freeze-proof coated wire.
Berkley Bottom Finders
Packed 100 No Break.
HT Dual Hook Quick Strike Rigs
Equipped with 2 two-tone fluorescent blades and are made with super strong braided wire leaders.
Eagle Claw Ice Eagle Tip-Ups
Smooth multiple designed trip. Wind resistant and freeze proof.
Woodstock Mag Quickset Rig
Works great with a tipup, bobber, dead sticking, bottom fishing and trolling.Anglers all over the world have been turning to this fish catching machine as part of their year round arsenal.The rig works great on muskie, pike and other species of gamefish both freshwater and saltwater. The nickel bangle and red hooks attract predators from a long distance.Live bait rig.The 5/3 size uses 80 lb.stainless 1 x 7 stranded fishing wire and is not adjustable.
Fire House Lighted Tip-Up
$124.99 - $129.99
Firehouse Lighted Canvas Tip-Ups are highly visible and feature a powerful LED light that can be seen up to a 1/2 mile in daylight or at night. The unique shape and features provide peace of mind for the safety of your tip-up when left out on the ice. These canvas tip-ups easily cover a 10-inch hole and offer built-in freeze protection. For storage and transport, Firehouse Tip-Ups collapse into a small tube with a magnet inside to keep hooks secure.
Frabill Classic Wood Tip-Up
Dual Trip Settings - set it light for pan fish and walleye or heavier for larger baits and game fish Removable spool shaft for easy cleaning and re-lubrication Pre-lubed with Frabill's exclusive Sub-Zero winter lubricant for friction free performance at any temperature Large capacity spool with bait clip feature Extra long flag shaft and high visibility flag for greater visibility from a distance Large footprint (3.5" wide x 23.5" long) provides added stability on the ice during high winds Hardwood base with Multi-Coat Resin for extra protection from the elements.
HT Lady Ice Tip-Up
Guaranteed against freeze-up. Ruler built in frame. Pink frame. 200' plastic spool. Regular flag wire. Wrap a round. Card.
HT Blu-Lube Lubricant
Special anti-freeze lube for Tip-ups, reels and compound bow bearings. The lube remains soft in rels for fishing in late fall and cold weather, but remains in gears during hot summer days. Odorless. Comes in handy squeeze bottles.
Heritage Laker Standard
$38.99 - $49.99
The Heritage ® Laker Tip-Up is constructed of sturdy hardwood. Its colorful finish makes it highly visible against the white snow and ice of your favorite hardwater fishing spot. This tip-up has a 3 in. spool that holds 100 yds. of 36 lb. line. It also has a stainless steel trip level, brass nuts and bolts, a grease-filled heavy copper tube, a brass locking tension system, and a reel with hook keeper cork and storage holes.
Clam Arctic Warrior Tip Up
Let this tip-up do the work for you by alerting you when there's a fish on the line. The Arctic Warrior tips down when a fish tugs and the flag goes up. Just grab the rod and reel, set the hook and fight the fish. Use as a second line for walleye, northern pike, lake trout and jumbo perch. Rod and reel not included.
Heritage Cork Hook Holders Large 3
Set of 5 Cork Hook Holders.
Frabill Pro Thermal Tip-Up
1" foam insulation on underside Flag Lock Spinner Marker, Reel Handle, Trip Bar Patented Hook Holder Large Bait Clip Built-in Tackle Box Ice Breaker Feature Line Guide Stop Easy Stow design allows you to stack tip-ups in a 5 or 6 gallon pail.
Beaver Dam Round Tip-Up
10"Beaver Dam round-style tip-ups have been designed, tested and proven to meet the ever-increasing demand for better ice fishing equipment. Handmade and assemble, one at a time. It's made in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin with pride. Each tip-up is Freezeproof, Windproof, and Foolproof allowing you to enjoy your time on the ice. Actual size 10.25", covers 8"hole.
Clam Trophy Thermal Tip-Up
Frozen over holes can be common when you are using tip ups. Check out the NEW Trophy Thermal Tip Up from Bigtooth Tackle. Thermal foam liner is completely sealed for durability and comes with a handy tackle compartment that has its own secure spot on the tip up. A bit larger in diameter in size it fits over a 10 inch hole completely insulates and seals the ice hole. Rigid high vis green flag for a maximum visual indicator from a distance.
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