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Propane Augers

Jiffy 44 XT Propane Auger
$569.99 - $589.99
Lightest Propane Power Ice Drill. E-Z Starting in Cold Weather. Clean - No gas . No gas smell on your hands. No Smoke - Can be operated indoors. Quiet - 4 Stroke engine is quiet but powerful. E-Z Start - No priming, no choke, no flooding. Low Maintenance - No mixing of fuel. Low Emissions. NEW Jiffy Transmission. XTTM Drill Assembly - D-Ice'r ARMORTM and RipperTM Blade. The RipperTM Blade has a 2 Year Limited Warranty. Best Warranty in the Industry ...5 Year Limited Warranty! Easy SnapTM Blade Protector. Ideal for Initial Drilling and Redrilling of Ice Holes. Available in 6", 8", 9" and 10" XT Drill Assemblies. 26-31 pounds depending on drill size.
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