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Auger Accessories

Jiffy Spark Plugs
6013-0160: For Jiffy 2500 & 3500 Series and 2Hp Tecumseh engines.
Jiffy Replacement Gas Cap
Fits all Jiffy augers.
Strikemaster Spark Plugs
For 2 or 3 horsepower engines.
Jiffy Tune-Up Kits
Includes: Jiffy? 2 Cycle Smokeless Oil with Fuel Stabilizer, Jiffy 2500 & 3500 Series and 2HP or 3HP Tecumseh engine. Spark Plug for all Tecumseh? engines and spark plug wrench.
ION Battery Bag
Made with durable 600D Polyester Oxford fabric, the ION battery bag is the ideal storage location for your batteries when not in-use on your unit. Inner wall mesh pockets allow for the placement of hand warmers which will assist you in keeping your batteries warm in the coldest of conditions. Batteries not included. c
Nimrod Ice Auger Adapter
Convert your hand auger into a power auger using only a cordless drill. Works with Hand Augers Strikemaster/Mora, Strikemaster/ Laser and Eskimo & Polar. Cuts through 10 inches of ice in about10 seconds Works with any 3/8" or 1/2"cordless drill.
Jiffy Connection Kits
Kits includes all the Jiffy items most often lost or misplaced.
Jiffy Replacement Ripper & Stealth Blade Kits
$114.99 - $119.99
Includes the Yellow Ripper? Blade and the two small Stealth? Blades.
Jiffy Tune-Up Kit
Includes 6oz. bottle of Jiffy Premium 4 cycle synthetic oil and 4 cycle spark plug.
Expedition Cold Snap Auger Cover
Make adding and removing your ice auger cover a snap. The design features two hinged halves that are snugged together by a durable band. To remove the cover, simply hold the auger upright and apply pressure on one-half with your foot. When you are done drilling holes, simply align the blades and snap the cover back into place.
Eskimo Hand Auger Replacement Blades
Eskimo hand auger replacement blades.
Jiffy Drill Extensions
Jiffy POWER Ice Drill Extensions for Jiffy Power Ice Drill Assemblies.
Accusharp Auger Sharpener
Protects fingers while the reversible Diamond Honed Tungsten Carbide blade keeps a razor edge on your auger blades. The bright orange finger guard makes is easy to find on the ice too! Will not rust and can be cleaned with soap and water or washed in a dishwasher.
Strikemaster Blade Guards & Straps
Fits gas, electric and hand auger blades.
Jiffy EZ Connect
NO TOOLS REQUIRED to remove the drill assembly. Just slide the E-Z CONNECT? down, pull the pin out, and remove the drill assembly. It's that E-Z.
Jiffy Blade Sharpener
Use Jiffy Blade Sharpener to sharpen your Jiffy Standard, Ripper and Stealth Blades, as well as straight-edge blades.
Jiffy Wall Mount Storage Stand
Protects your Power Ice Drill from damage, needs NO floor space, folds up when not in use, install in minutes, securely bolts into wall studs, reduces clutter-organize! Everything included in the kit.
ION Auger Extensions
$29.99 - $31.99
Our power auger extensions gain drilling depth in thick ice conditions. This extension is fully-welded steel and includes our Eskimo® red powder-coat paint finish, which is proven to be the most durable in the industry. Mounting hardware included.
Jiffy Powerhead Cover
Tough and durable 600D PVC fabric construction. Protects power head from snow, freezing rain, slush, dirt and grit for dependable fast starts. Perfect for augers transported via ATV, snowmobiles, on top of sleds, or in trucks.
K-Drill Auger Extension
Bust through thicker ice with this 12" auger extension for your K-Drill.
No Image
The Replacement Auger Cutting Heads work with The hand and power augers. These heads feature a one piece design instead of individual blades, offering a stronger over all cutting surface. The cutting heads are constructed of high chromium steel, which is more durable than other brands of auger blades and will stay sharper much longer.
Strikemaster Replacement Blades For Power Auger
Chrome-Alloy Swedish Stainless Steel Blades for Lazer Power Augers. Includes four blade screws and two blades. Lazer Mag, Lazer Mag Xpress, Lazer XL-3000, Electra Lazer, Lazer Pro & Lazer 224.
Northland Tank Warmer
The primary purpose of Tank Warmer is to sustain the warmth within the tank, similar to a coffee thermos. Keeping the core of the tank warmer longer, permits greater use of the gases inside. Slide Tank Warmer sleeve over a 1-pound propane cylinder to increase the life of the tank's propane by up to 35 percent. Save fuel and money while powering heaters, lanterns and other ice fishing gear. For maximum runtime, use in direct sunlight to activate solar absorption materials, or slide hand warmer between sleeve and tank.
Strikemaster Replacement Power Auger Gas Cap
6018-0842: For all Tecumseh engines. 6018-0068: For Strike Lite motors only.
Jiffy Oil
New premium 2-cycle smokeless synthetic bled engine oil with fuel stabilizer. For use with all brands of 2-cycle ice drills.
Strikemaster 2-Cycle Oil
Specifically blended for ice auger and all other air cooled 2-cycle engines. Safer for the environment and operator because it reduces polluting smoke. Mixed ratio is 40:1. Includes fuel stabilizer. 3.20 ounces.
Jiffy Propane Tank Sleeve
Protects your propane tank from cold temperatures, Helps contribute to better engine performance for your propane-powered ice auger
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