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Slings, Swivels, Belts

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Outdoor Connection Duty Multi Tactical Sling

Enables tactical shooters to switch from strong side to support side and back quickly and easily by adjusting the length of the sling.Constructed with durable 1.25" width Mil-Spec type webbing. The rifle sling adjustment mechanism uses a tri-glide and slip lock design for rapid sling adjustment. It… [more]

Outdoor Connection Raptor Slings

Features 2" wide neoprene shoulder pad is edged or bound to add strength and durability. Your firearm will feel up to 54% lighter and 100% more comfortable. Superior, select Quality, Mil-Spec type webbing. Finished edge adds quality and durability. Cape buffalo grain leather pattern. Thumb-loop for… [more]

Quake The Claw®

No need to worry about swivels and swivel stud attachments. The Claw Shotgun Sling is designed to slip over the barrel and butt of any single or double-barreled shotgun, cinching tight for a safe and comfortable fit. it is fully adjustable for length and the barrel strap is lined with a soft suede… [more]

Allen Gunnison Neoprene Sling
$23.99 - $28.99

Heavy-duty 1" webbing. Non-sling neoprene shoulder pad. Fully adjustable. 1" Swivels. [more]

Butler Creek Cartridge Slings

These slings have the same durable construction as our padded Ultra Slings, plus they have ingenious elastic carrying loops that hold your bullets or shells for easy access. Rifle model carries six bullets vertically to keep tips from protruding past the slings edge. Shot gun model carries 4 shells… [more]

Uncle Mikes Chicago Screws

Pack of 24 solid brass Chicago screws for use on leather slings and carry straps. [more]

Outdoor Connection Razor Elastic Sling

Combining a pioneering uni-directional, mil-spec elastic band, 1" webbing, innovative patented thumb-loop, heavy duty hardware, and the E*Z Detachable BRUTE swivel TOC has developed the next advance in the sling market. Makes your firearm feel 53% lighter than with a neoprene sling. [more]

Outdoor Connection Neoprene Slings

Take the soft, durable features of neoprene-combine them with the TOC patented thumb loop and you get the most comfortable neoprene firearm sling ever made. This design actually helps reduce uncomfortable neck and shoulder pressure, fatigue and bounce. Your firearm will feel up to 50% lighter and… [more]

Uncle Mikes Wood Screw Type

Installs without dismantling gun. 1/2" deep-threaded wood screw fore end base. [more]

Uncle Mikes Browning BPS/A5 & BPS/A4 CAP

Includes replacement magazine cap with swivel base, 3/4" wood screw buttstock swivel base & 2 Super Swivels®. [more]

Uncle Mikes Winchester 1200/1300 QD Cap

Includes replacement magazine cap with swivel base, 3/4" wood screw buttstock swivel base and two Super Swivels®. [more]

Uncle Mikes Machine Screw Type
$15.49 - $18.49

Machine screw fore end base, wood screw rear base. Replaces many factory non-detachable swivels. [more]

Blackhawk Rapid Adjust Two Point Sling

Ideal for fast transitions, stable shooting positions, and secure carry options. Constructed of high quality 1.25' nylon webbing. Quick adjust buckle for easy shoulder or firearm transition. Fully adjustable, ambidextrous design. [more]

Allen Mounting Hardware For Bolt Action

End screw for wood or screw & nut. Wood screw for buttstock with white spacer. Complete illustrated instructions. [more]

Uncle Mikes Auto, Single-shot Ruger®
$20.99 - $23.99

QD-115-RUG - Fore end adapter fits barrel band of 10/22, .44 Mag. and No. 3 carbines. 1/2" wood screw allows fore end stock mounting. Set #1462 - nickel finish. [more]

Remington Universal Magazine Cap

Remington universal magazine cap with swivel stud fits all remington models 870, 1100 and 1187, 12 and 16 gauge shotguns, with a swivel stud attached for the sling and a swivel stud for the rear stock. [more]

Blackhawk Mountain Sling

1¼" wide sling offers simplicity with just enough substance to make it indispensable in your hunting kit. Wide enough for comfort, yet compact enough to roll up and stow. Rugged, weatherproof nylon web sling is one-hand adjustable and features HawkTex non-slip lining on the underside. Black, with… [more]

Blackhawk Storm XT Sling

The extra Firearm Quick Disconnect allows for convenient use of one sling for multiple firearms. To transition sling use from one firearm to another, simply install additional Quick Disconnect accessories on multiple firearms. There is no need to remove the entire sling, just quickly disconnect the… [more]

Quake The Claw®
$32.99 - $54.99

Durable, non-slip, weather-resistant sling with a lightweight pad that is tapered to fit the shoulder closely. Includes Hush Stalker II? polymer swivels. [more]

Butler Creek Utility Nylon Slings
$14.99 - $16.49

Unaffected by moisture, mildew or rot. Adjusts quickly and easily for using as carry strap or hasty sling. One inch width. [more]

Blackhawk Single Point Sling

BlackHawk ZM Single Point Sling. Fully adjustable, one size fits all. Made of high density elastic bunji and tubular nylon. Comes complete with a super heavy duty CUSTOM-made steel attaching buckle. All hardware and bunji covered for stealth operations with easy movement. [more]

Magpul MS3® Sling GEN2

Driven by the operational experience of Magpul instructors, the MS3 Multi-Mission Sling System was designed to give a versatile weapon-retention solution for a multitude of tactical environments and missions. As a standalone product, the rapidly-convertible MS3 allows an operator to levera ge the… [more]

Blackhawk Bolt Action Wood Screw Type

LOK-DOWN Swivel Set. Machine screw forend base. Wood screw rear base. [more]

Butler Creek Cobra Rifle Slings
$43.99 - $54.99

Beautifully tanned top grain cowhide. Basket weave model has precise stitching and tooling. Basket weave model has suede, non-slip lining on upper section. Plain leather model selected from fine leathers and is unlined. Adjust to 36". [more]

Uncle Mikes Qd Super Swivels®

Adapter base replaces factory fore end bolt on Standard of ADL models only. [more]

Quake The Claw®

The CLAW® Slim Line Sling is the same durable, non-slip, weather resistant sling as the standard rifle sling but with a lightweight pad that is tapered to fit the shoulder closely. [more]

Uncle Mikes Swivel Set For Remington 760

Adapter bolt swivel base replaces factory fore end bolt without dismantling. For Remington 1968 and later. [more]

Uncle Mikes Super Swivels®
$13.99 - $16.99

For rifles with factory-installed studs, or to interchange with other QD® swivels. Also available with nickel-plated finish to match brushed stainless rifles. [more]

Blackhawk Universal Single Point Sling Adapter

Fits AR/M4/M16 Collapsible Stocks. Ambidextrous design.Accepts most conventional sling hooks. Firearm hangs flat against body. NOTE: Not compatible with some Colt rifles. [more]

Blackhawk Single-point Sling Adaptor

constructed of heavy duty nylon webbing with high impact polymer D-ring. Configures any weapon to accept a single-point sling. [more]

160 Results
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