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Reloading powder

IMR 4198
This fast burning rifle powder gives outstanding performance in cartridges like the 222 Remington, 221 Fireball, 45-70 and 450 Marlin. Varmint shooters with small bore cartridges love it.
Hodgdon Smokeless Rifle Powder H380®
Versatile propellants with great metering.
IMR 3031
A propellant with many uses, IMR 3031 has long been a favorite of 308 match shooters using 168 grain match bullets. It is equally effective in small capacity varmint cartridges from 223 Remington to 22-250 Remington and a great 30-30 Winchester powder.
Hodgdon Smokeless Rifle Powder 322®
Capable of incredible accuracy in all small & medium capacity cases.
Winchester 748®
$37.99 - $279.99
The low flame temperature of 748 extends barrel life versus other similar speed powders. It can be used in a wide variety of centerfire rifle loads including 222 Rem, 30-30 Win, 308 Win, and up to 458 Win. Mag. Combine Winchester components with 748 to duplicate 308 Win factory load ballistics. 748 is recommended for use with the 308 Fail Safe bullets.
Hodgdon Smokeless Rifle Powder H4831SC®
$44.99 - $319.99
The "SC" stands for short cut. Shortened grains for easy metering. Pairs up with the heavier bullet weights in the 25/06, 7mm Remington Magnum, and 338 Winchester.
Hodgdon Hybrid Rifle Powder
$36.99 - $269.99
Hybrid 100V's unique small grain, part Spherical, part Extruded shape benefits the handloader in two ways- the powder flows accurately and easily through a measure, and charge weights are consistent for ideal load density. It is ideal for use in calibers that fit H4350, delivering velocities not seen before in a variety of popular cartridges, such as 3,310 fps for a 150-grain bullet in the 300 Weatherby Magnum.
Hodgdon Smokeless Pistol/Shotshell Powder Clays®
$28.99 - $124.99
For 12-gauge clay target shooters. This extra clean burning propellant is perfect for 1 1/8 and 1 ounce loads.
Hodgdon Smokeless Pistol Powder Titegroup
New spherical pistol propellant designed for accuracy. Excellent choice for most straight walled pistol cartridges, including 38 Special, 44 Special, 45ACP and many others.
Hodgdon Smokeless Pistol/Shotshell Powder H110®
Spherical powder, designed to develop high operating pressures. One pound can.
Hodgdon Smokeless Pistol/Shotshell Powder Hs6®
Spherical propellant for all bullet weights in the 9MM. It's a dual purpose powder that many shotgunners prefer as well as pistol shooters. One pound can.
Accurate No. 5
This is a relatively quick ball propellant primarily suited to use in the 45 Auto and 38 Special. It also does well in small capacity cases like 380 Auto.
Ramshot Magnum
An excellent medium to large caliber rifle powder that performs well in 25-06 to 300 Win Mag, and even in 50 BMG with light bullets. Benchrest shooters will find excellent performance across a wide range of calibers including the 6.5 X 284.
Ramshot Big Game
This rifle powder offers super performance in a variety of medium to large caliber hunting rifles. Powder type: Double-base spherical powder for rifle. Ideal use: Adapted for the needs of the hunter after larger game, such as deer, elk, etc.
Ramshot Hunter Powders
The perfect spherical powder for medium caliber rifles. Meters great, is clean burning, and produces outstanding velocity in traditional medium caliber cartridges and the new Winchester Short Magnum family of cartridges. Ramshot hunter performs consistently throughout a wide range of temperatures making it perfect for your hunting loads.
Accurate No. 7
Originally developed for the 9mm NATO round, but it is also suitable for the 38 Super .357 Magnum and other medium capacity cases. It is the only available powder that can safely duplicate factory performance in the 10mm Auto.
Ramshot X-Terminator
An excellent choice of small caliber varmint hunting and target shooting. A well rounded powder for small caliber rifles. Provides excellent velocities with low deviations and moderate pressures. Double-base spherical powder for rifle, centered around .223 Remington.
Hodgdon Shotgun/Pistol Powder - 700X
"Hi-Skor" originally intended for application in shotshells. However, it has practical use in many handgun cartridge applications. Double base powder. 8 ounce can.
Ramshot Tac
Tac is a very versatile rifle powder that is especially well-suited to the .308. The unique qualities of TAC will provide exceptional performance for .223 users who prefer to shoot heavier bullets.
Winchester Super-Field®
Super-Field® propellant is the propellant of choice for Winchester 20 gauge AA® Target Load and 12 gauge 3 3/4 dram equivalent Super-X® load. WSF is an ideal choice to maximize velocities in 12 gauge 1 1/8 oz. and 1 1/4 oz. loads. Super-Field also performs well in 38 Super, 9mm and 40 S&W pistol loads. Excellent propellant for fast shooting action pistol applications.
Winchester ST®
$34.99 - $129.99
Target shotshell and standard velocity handgun propellant. Ideal for use in 45 Auto match applications. Consistent, clean, low flash and smoke are benefits to the shooter. Powder of choice for reloading AA® shells.
Winchester 296®
$35.99 - $139.99
This propellant was developed for Winchester factory loaded ammunition for 357 magnum, 44 magnum and 410 bore. Its high loading density provides optimal velocity. 296 is widely accepted as the standard for 410 bore shotshell. However, 296 is not suitable for most rifle cartridges.
Winchester Autocomp
$34.99 - $249.99
AUTOCOMP is extremely fine in the 38 Super, 9mm, 45 ACP and 40 S&W race guns. It's just the perfect burning speed to feed the compensators with a higher volume of gas. With AUTOCOMP competitors get off faster shots with minimal muzzle flash.
Winchester Super Handi-Cap Powder
Super Handicap is the same propellant used in Winchester's Super Handicap ammunition. This slow-burning, high energy propellant gives the shooter great handicap or long range sporting clays loads at up to 1250 fps with a 1-1/8 ounce shot charge. Great velocity with excellent patterns.
Ramshot Rifle/Pistol Powder - W231
Handgun powder. Fast, high energy. Designed for mid-range and standard velocity handgun loads.
Ramshot Silhouette
Silhouette pistol powder is specifically formulated to match the NATO standard 9mm round, and will perform equally well in both .40 S&W and .45 Auto. Silhouette is a clean-burning, high-velocity powder with very low muzzle flash.
Ramshot Zip
This fast burning, clean powder is especially suited for target loads.38 Special, 9mm, and .45 Auto target shooters. Caution and careful examination must be practiced by the handloader to ensure proper loading so safe pressure limits are not exceeded. Double-base spherical powder for handgun.
IMR Smokeless Rifle Powder 4350
$39.99 - $289.99
The number one choice for the new short magnums, both Remington and Winchester versions. For magnums with light to medium bullet weights, IMR 4350 is the best choice.
IMR Smokeless Rifle Powder 4227
$42.99 - $299.99
Fastest burning of the extruded powders. Well adapted to .22 Hornet, .222 & some specialized .45/70.
IMR 4895
Originally a military powder featured in the 30-06, IMR 4895 is extremely versatile. From 17 Remington to the 243 Winchester to the 375 H&H Magnum, accuracy and performance are excellent. In addition, it is a long time favorite of Match shooters.
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