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Hearing Protectors

Radians Diy Custom Molded Earplugs
Soft, permanent, custom fit, washable. Non-toxic and hypo allergenic. Simple, easy to follow instructions. Made in the USA. Environmentally friendly.
Champion Eyes & Ears Combo
We now offer a convenient combination package of shooting glasses paired with sound dampening ear muffs. These safe, stylish and practical combos contain our 26NRR passive muffs, coupled with shooting glasses that feature ballistic rated lenses providing four times greater impact protection than ANSI Z87.1; meeting military standard MIL-PRF-31013, ballistic resistance. Two combo kits are available offering either dark-green or pink hearing protection muffs with non-slip, one-piece, clear lens shooting glasses.
Walkers Foam Ear Plug
The Walkers Game Ear Foam Ear Plugs (200 Pair Box) will help to protect your hearing no matter where you are. Use these Walkers shooting ear plugs at the range or any other loud environment. These foam ear plugs will conform to the shape of your ear. The foam tips are ideal for louder environments and can be used in conjunction with any pair of Walkers Ear Muffs for the ultimate hearing protection. Each pair is conveniently packed, ready for use and can be easily disposed.
Allen Low Profile Shooters Muff
Great for shotgun shooters. Folds to a small parcel. Collapsing yoke system. 26 NRR rating.
Pro Ears Ultra Sleek
Our thinnest, lightest cup for extended wear. Adjustable headband and ProForm? leather ear cushions. Hard hat adaptor, fits most hard hats (may not be suitable for wide-brim hard hats). Hard hat adaptor pivots and locks in the up position. Dielectric construction. Suitable for low to moderate noise environments; wear while sand blasting or using a pressure washer. Simple height adjustment requires no tools to remain fixed during wear. Snap-in ear cushions make replacement quick and easy.
Radians Foam Ear Plugs
$4.79 - $10.49
Radians Foam Earplugs have a tapered shape and offer the most natural fit and seal for the ear canal. Smooth shiny surface repels dirt. Low pressure, self adjusting foam offers long wearing comfort and quick recovery time.
Radians Foam Plugs
Tapered shape offers the most natural fit and seal for ear canal. Low pressure, self-adjusting foam offers long wearing comfort with a very quick recovery time. Smooth skin surface repels dirt and soil. Can be combined with earmuffs for additional protection.
Walkers Women/Youth Folding Earmuffs
$13.99 - $15.99
Walker's Game Ear, the shooting and hunting industry pioneer in hearing protection, introduces the new Youth and Women Passive Folding Muffs. These folding muffs are designed to fit youth and women by reducing the bulkiness of the average muffs with ultra slim ear cups and a smaller headband. The ultra-light Walkers Youth and Women Passive Folding Muffs provide complete protection with outstanding comfort whether in the field or at a shooting range. To ensure comfort, these muffs feature low profile, ultra slim ear cups, a padded headband and soft PVC ear pads all in a compact folding design. With a noise reducing rating (NRR) of 27 dB, these muffs help protect your hearing from sustained or loud sounds.
Walkers Game Ear Pro Earmuffs
Passive ear protection. Low profile contoured ear cup. Ultra lightweight. Padded headband. Soft PVC ear pads. Compact folding design. Noise Reducing Rating 31 decibels. ANSI S3.19 rated. Black.
Walkers Pro Low Profile Muff Kit
Muff: Low profile contoured cup and Padded headband for comfortable fit. Soft PVC ear pads, Ultra-light weight and Compact folding design. Sport Glasses: High grade Polycarbonate lenses and Exceeds ANSI 287.1-2003 High Impact Requirement. Sport Glasses: Design allows air to flow freely with adjustable nose pad. Foam ear plugs: conform to shape of ear providing NRR 31 db.
Walkers Dual Color Passive Muff
The Walker's Game Ear Dual Color Passive Muff in Blaze Orange is the protection you need. When using the included earplugs, the muff has an NRR of 36 dB. The ultra-lightweight design is compact, and the muff offers a contoured, comfortable shape.
Walkers Folding Kid Muff
Walker's Game Ear, the shooting and hunting industry pioneer in hearing protection, introduces the baby and kids hearing protection muffs. The baby and kids folding muffs are designed for babies and kids from six months to eight years old by reducing the bulkiness of the average muffs with ultra-slim ear cups and a smaller headband. The ultra-light Walker's baby and kids folding muffs are designed to protect children's sensitive hearing. To ensure comfort, these muffs feature low-profile, ultra-slim ear cups, an adjustable padded headband and soft PVC ear pads, all in a compact folding design. They offer a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 23dB.
Walkers Pro-Low Profile Folding Muff
Walker's Pro Low Profile Folding Muffs have contoured cups with soft PVC ear pads and a padded headband for a comfortable fit. Their ultra lightweight and compact folding design make them even more comfortable to wear and easy to store. Provide 31dB noise reduction rating for hearing protection. Comes in black.
Walkers Infant To Toddler Passive Muff
The Walker's Infant to Toddlers Earmuffs offer a comfortable yet sturdy construction designed to protect the youngest members of your family. These passive earmuffs are lightweight, easy to store, and protect up to 22dB.
Champion Ear Muffs
$22.99 - $54.99
Available in both standard and electronic offerings. Noise reduction for superior auditory protection. Collapsible for easy storage. Adjustable for best fit.
Radians Snug Plugs
Super soft Snug Plugs? are washable and reusable. Patented material conforms to the ear comfortably. NRR of 28dB offers the maximum level of hearing protection for a reusable plug. FDA approved materials are non-toxic. Durable cord. Includes flip top carrying case.
Allen Muff Style Hearing Protection
Flexible and adjustable head strap. Noise reduction rating 23. Foam cushioned ear pads.
Champion Molded Foam Plugs
Designed to contour to a shooter's ear, these soft foam plugs provide a comfortable fit that reduces the harmful noise levels commonly found at ranges. Don't let your passion for shooting damage your hearing-rely on Champion protection when at the range or in the field.Features & Benefits. Soft tapered foam for maximum comfort. Provides excellent hearing protection when shooting. Lightweight and disposable.
Champion Gel Ear Plugs
$2.69 - $3.29
Soft silicone gel for a comfortable fit. Individual ear plugs with cord for easy use. The plugs have a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 26.
Walkers Foam Corded Ear Plugs
2-Pack value. 23" attached cord. Conforms to shape of ear. Foam tips are ideal for louder environments. NRR 25dB. Includes plastic carrying case.
Allen Molded Ear Plug With Cord
Supple polymer material. Comfortable for extended use.
No Image
Soft, ergonomic foam pods rest partially in ear for a balance of comfort and protection. Specially designed headband rests comfortably around neck. Pods are washable and detachable. NRR 25. Includes one extra pair of replaceable foam ear tips.
Walkers Ext Folding Range Muff
These Ext Folding Range Muff have soft PVC ear pads for a comfortable fit and offer a noise reducing rating of NRR 34dB. Easily portable due to the compact folding design. Complete with a ANSI S3.19 rating.
Howard Leight Leight®
NRR 30. Comfortable low pressure foam for long term use. Smaller profile ear plug suggested for people with smaller ear canals, especially women & children. 1550-0041: 5 pair with carrying case blister pack.
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