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Cleaning Accessories

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Southern Cotton Knit Rags

Washable and reusable. 12 x 12. 12 per Zip-lock bag. [more]

FrogLube Frog Wipes

FrogLube CLP Wipes are made from bio-based, non-toxic substances that dissolves carbon on contact. Frog Lube penetrates the micro pores in firearm steel to give a long lasting slick surface that reduces friction and fouling, and protects from rust. Wipes are easy to use, and convenient to pack on… [more]

NcStar AR15/M4 Gunsmithing Tool Kit

Includes: 36x24" cleaning mat, Armorer's wrench, Handguard removal tool, Front sight adjustment tool, Brass & Nylon hammer, steel and brass punches, and nylon cleaning brush. [more]

NcStar AR15 Wrench Gen3

Pro Series AR15 Barrel Wrench - heavy duty purpose built barrel wrench. Large heavy duty cross section makes it easier on the hands to work on your AR upper. You can remove/install GI barrel nuts with ease with this AR wrench. Makes for assembling/installing barrels and free float handguards a… [more]

Hoppes Lubricating Gun Oil Field Wipes

These wipes drive out moisture, lubricate and prevent rust. They come packaged in a convenient finger-grip container and provide outstanding foul weather protection for your firearms. [more]

KleenBore Cotton Bore Mops

The natural absorbency of 100% cotton makes these mops superior for safe cleaning and lubrication. Packaged in reusable plastic storage tubes. [more]

Tipton Rapid Bore Guide Kit

Features RAPID patch insertion device that aligns and holds patch in place RAPID cuts cleaning time and reduces solvent mess Reduces solvent leakage into gun's action Ensures proper rod alignment for easier cleaning Bore guides protect chamber & bore from damage Anodized aluminum tube for… [more]

Tipton Deluxe Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod
$59.99 - $64.99

Carbon fiber shaft to prevent bent rods. Ball-bearing handle allows full following of rifling. 8-32 threads accept most popular accessories. [more]

Birchwood Casey Angled Cleaning Brushes

3 Brushes with angled necks allow easy access to all the hard-to-reach places that can cause cleaning headaches. Corners, crevices, gaps and cracks no longer have to be a problem. Two styles of bristles clean thoroughly and safely. Use stainless steel bristles for hard metals and the nylon bristles… [more]

Hoppes Slotted Tips

Polymer slotted tips securely hold a patch for solvent or oil application. [more]

Remington Rem Squeeg-E

Designed for pull-through flex rods. Eliminates need for mops and patches. Exclusive product made from modern polymers. Patented design allows cleaning of lands and grooves with one pull. [more]

Hoppes Wax Treated Gun Cloth

For a polished, professional finish on wooden stocks. Cleans, polishes and protects in a single application. Treated cloth is excellent for polishing gun barrels, hardware and most metals. [more]

Hoppes Rust & Lead Remover Cloth

Removes rust and lead deposits without hard scrubbing. Non-abrasive and will not harm wood finishes. After shooting, wipe around action, chamber and muzzle for quick lead and carbon removal. [more]

Hoppes Phosphor Bronze Utility Brush

One end has traditional-size bristles for cleaning large areas. The other end features smaller bristles for getting into tighter spots. Brushes are non-breakable and can dig out dirt without scratching metal. [more]

Outers Utility Gun Brush Set

Three different brushes for virtually any cleaning job. There's a nylon brush for delicate and engraved parts, a phosphor bronze brush for aggressive cleaning of blued steel, and a stainless steel brush for the heavy jobs, such as the breech/bolt area. [more]

Gunslick Universal Roll Cleaning Kit

26-piece kit includes: 12/10 gauge brushes, .22-25/6MM, .270/7MM-.30/8MM, .38-.357/9MM, .40/10MM-.45 caliber, 28/20, 12/10 gauge mops, .22, .30, .38, .45 caliber jagged tips, Rifle/pistol, shotgun slotted tips, Double ended nylon brush, Aluminum shotgun adaptor, 1" X 1" and 1 ½" X 3" cotton… [more]

Hoppes Silicone Gun & Reel Cloth

This flannel cloth is treated to remove fingertips and potentially corrosive epidermal oils, while polishing and coating gun, rod and reel surfaces with a protective finish. [more]

Outers Pick & Brush Assortment

Outers assortment of specialty, gun-cleaning accessories helps you always have the right tool for a wide variety of dirty jobs. Keep your firearms clean and functioning properly by removing even the tiniest pieces of gunk, grime, dirt and debris. This assortment of cleaning picks easily removes… [more]

Hoppes Gun Cleaning Pad

Attractive hunter green pad protects firearms and working surfaces from scratches and spills. Non-slip vinyl backing keeps it in place and prevents soak through. 12" x 36" for rifles and shotguns. Simply machine wash and air dry. Soft acrylic material absorbs eight times it weight in fluids. [more]

Outers One-piece Coated Steel Cleaning Rods
$23.99 - $25.99

This line extension provides yet another sturdy, strong option that won't mar or scratch your barrel. With coated steel rods from Outers®, you can effectively clean your gun, without worrying about damaging your barrel.Features: Strong, sturdy construction.Won't scratch barrel of firearm.Convenient… [more]

Gunslick Nylon Coated Rods

Nylon coated to protect the interior of your barrel against accidental scratches or marring, these rods provide the ultimate in durability, performance and protection. They will not damage the barrel, attract debris or leave fouling behind. Includes a brass muzzle guard and cleaning rod storage… [more]

Gunslick Rod Adapters

Quickly attach these to clean multiple firearms during one cleaning session. [more]

KleenBore Cleaning Jags

A jag, draped with a proper sized patch, completely covers the bore for efficient, thorough bore cleaning. Handguns and rifle jags are made of brass, shotgun jags are made of aluminum. [more]

Outers Cleaning Rods
$8.89 - $12.99

Outers offers caliber specific cleaning rods to ensure accurate and precise bore cleaning. We offer everything from aluminum to durable coated steel 1-pc rods. All rods and accessories have industry standard threads that can easily interchange with other manufactures' accessories. High quality rods… [more]

Real Avid Bore Light

Ideal for illuminating hard-to-see areas of the chamber, receiver and barrel interior. A bright white LED puts out 15,000 Mcd brightness with a 5" flex neck is attached to the machined barrel. This little gem of a light also has an embedded magnet. Simply set the Bore Light on the barrel, rib or… [more]

Remington Bore Light

Ideal for inspecting used firearms, cleaning firearms, and inspecting bore for obstructions. LED light eliminates intense glare allowing for better viewing. Compact - easy to carry and stow. Comes complete with batteries. Includes both curved and straight light tubes. [more]

Hoppes Conversion Adapters

Conversion adapter permits interchangeability with non-standard size threads. [more]


For times in the field when you just can't reach your Otis cleaning system and need a quick and effective clean - reach for the Ripcord?. This convenient tool cleans from Breech-to-Muzzle® in one quick and easy pass. The molded rubberized core and Nomex® fibers together create a more effective way… [more]

Hoppes Gun Cleaning Rods
$7.49 - $13.49

All Hoppe's Pistol and Rifle Cleaning Rods have a ball bearing swivel handle designed to follow the rifling of the bore and make turning easier when cleaning. P22 - Pistol-Knob Ends, 3PU/3PA22 - Three-piece Rifle-Knob & Slotted Ends, SGU - Three-piece Shotgun, Aluminum-Slotted Ends,… [more]

79 Results
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