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Dead Down Wind Rinse Free Body & Hair Wash
Innovative, rinse free biodegradable formula ready to use right out of the bottle. Absolutely no water required. WASH & TOWEL DRY. Eliminates odors. Cleans. Rinse Free. Biodegradable.
Buck Stop Human Odor Eliminator
16oz plastic bottle with easy to use trigger spray applicator.
Pete Rickard White Acorn Deer Lure
Deer's favorite food. The sweet, intensified aroma will draw deer to the spot of your choice.
Pete Rickard Skunk Essence
Most potent cover scent available. Arouses the deer's natural curiosity. Won't spook deer. Do not apply directly to clothing. Blister carded.
Nose Jammer Face/Hand/Body Lotion
Nose Jammer Lotion is the best way to protect your skin from exposure to the elements during the hunting season. Creates a barrier of Nose Jammer directly on your skin. As with all our products, it contains aromatic compounds emitted by trees, shrubs, and grasses. Non-greasy and fast absorbing.
Nose Jammer Laundry Detergent
Nose Jammer Laundry Detergent deep cleans and changes your hunting garments with the smell of Nose Jammer. It will not fade camo patterns and lasts for days. Our detergent can be used in all machines including High Efficiency models. No UV brighteners, aluminum, or toxins!
Nose Jammer Conditioner
Nose Jammer Conditioner utilizes the most highly emitted aromatic compounds found in trees, shrubs, and grasses Formulated to overwhelm the olfactory gland in an animal's nose without alarm! Contains no harsh Chemicals.
HME Reflective Split Wick
Larger hang hole with two tails Reflective band for easy low light retreival.
Primos CONTROL FREAK® Scent Control Spray
Primos® CONTROL FREAK® is a Dual Action product controlling both bacteria-caused odors such as body odor and non-bacterial odors such as smoke and food odors. Primos® CONTROL FREAK® works on contact and instantly removes odors from clothing and equipment and keeps them gone for up to 24 hours. Available un-scented or Earth Blend?.
Tinks Earth Power Cover Scent
Works in any area of the country you are hunting. Can be applied to your hunting clothing. Can be used as a deer lure; deer are attracted to fresh dirt.
Code Blue Whitetail Synthetic Buck Scent
Get effective results when natural urines are not an option. Code Blue's Synthetic Buck Urine mimics the scent of an intruding buck, drawing dominant whitetail bucks out to defend their territory. Always at the forefront of revolutionary scent technologies, Code Blue has perfected the science of convincingly simulating buck scent to set you up for a clear shot. Synthetic buck urine formulation delivers a potent, realistic scent using advanced DNA technology. Now featuring a convenient pump-spray applicator and 4 oz. bottle. Sends a strong intruder signal to territorial bucks Ideal for use on scent trails or mock scrapes Does not contain deer urine
Tinks Pocketshot Under Cover Scent
Get the ultimate combination of cover scents with Tink's Pocketshot Undercover System. Pack includes Acorn, Earth and Red Fox-P cover scents. Pocketshot tubes provide easy access and fast application.
Hunters Specialties Blade Driver
The quietest scent delivery system in the woods, this device spins the scent infused Wafer Blades to create a cloud of cover scent or attractant scent. Runs on 2 AAA batteries. Includes one Fresh Earth Wafer Blade. Includes lanyard for hanging on stand or blind. 8 hours of use on one set of replaceable batteries. 2 AAA batteries included.
Wildlife Research Scent Killer Super Charged Kit
Super Charged Scent Killer spray for hunting outerwear and boot bottoms. Now more effective than before. Goes beyond 99 percent. When fully treated, your hunting clothes can effectively become a high powered scent elimination suite.
Code Blue D/Code Field Spray Unsented
You spot a buck ahead in the distance. If you're to tag him, you need to stay hidden. Prepare for this moment by coating your gear with this Code Blue D/Code Scent Elimination Unscented 24 oz. Field Spray to mask your scent before you even step into the woods. As an experienced hunter, you know the faintest trace of an odor will spook unsuspecting game. The field spray's patented Silver Scent Technology is skillfully crafted with medical-grade silver nanoparticles to locate and wipe out odor-causing bacteria, so you'll become virtually undetectable to the wildlife, regardless of which way the wind blows.
Code Blue Whitetail Synthetic Doe Estrous
Get effective results when natural urines are not an option. Code Blue's Synthetic Doe Estrous Urine mimics the scent of a doe in estrous, drawing dominant whitetail bucks from all around in search of does ready to breed. Always at the forefront of revolutionary scent technologies, Code Blue has perfected the science of convincingly simulating a doe in heat to set you up for a clear shot.
Scent-A-Way Max Continuous Spray
Scent-A-Way® Max features activated odor scrubbers that attract and aggressively attack bacterial odors at the molecular level. This means you get quicker and stronger scent control that lasts longer. The continuous-spray nozzle provides total coverage and even works upside down. Max Fresh Earth features a fresh-earth cover scent. Comes in a15.5 oz. can.
Scent-A-Way Max Antiperspirant 
Scent-A-Way® Max Antiperspirant controls bacterial odors while absorbing and reducing moisture. It's odorless and contains no added fragrances. 2.25 oz.
Scent-A-Way MAX Bar Soap
The original Scent-A-Way® green soap contains natural vegetable proteins that attack body odors. It includes honeyquat for increased hydration and aloe vera for soft skin and hair. Scent-A-Way® soap is also an excellent hand soap. It's odorless and environmentally friendly. Great for hunters, trappers, anglers, and campers. Comes in a 3.5 oz. bar.
Scent-Safe MAX Field Wipes
Scent-A-Way® Max Field Wipes feature aloe vera and vitamin E to prevent skin tightness, drying, and stinging. They're alcohol-free and have a proprietary enzymatic odor elimination formulation to attack and eliminate human and environmental odors in seconds. Scent-A-Way® Max Field Wipes are fragrance-free, environmentally friendly, and ideal for sensitive skin.
Pete Rickard Fresh Earth Cover Scent
We've put the unmistakable aroma of rich soil fresh from the forest floor in a bottle. So universal, you can use it anytime, anywhere. Strong and long lasting.
Pete Rickard Red Fox Cover Scent
From mature, meat-fed wild foxes. Most widely used fox urine. Superior for edge-of-woods and field hunting. Outstanding masking qualities. Hang blister with Deer Hunting Tips Booklet.
Tinks Red Fox-P
One of the most effective and natural cover scents you can use. 100% natural urine from the red fox. Red meat fed. Works well with Tinks® Drag-N-Traxx.
Nose Jammer Bar Soap
Lathers up well and smells like Jammer.
Nose Jammer Dryer Sheets
Prevents static cling. Softens clothes. Won't leave residue in your dryer.
Nose Jammer Predator Aerosol Field Spray
Nose Jammer Predator is specifically formulated to overwhelm a predator's sense of smell without alarm. This formula utilizes compounds that continue to be emitted by trees, shrubs and grasses during the months when predators are hunted most.
Tinks Bandit Coon Cover Scent
Great to use with a Tink's Scent Bomb when hunting from a tree stand. Raccoons feed and frequent the same areas as whitetails. Excellent to use on the ground when stalk hunting.
Scent-A-Way MAX Fresh Earth Dryer Sheets
Prevent static cling in your hunting clothes while giving them a fresh-earth cover scent. Scent-A-Way® Max Fresh Earth Dryer Sheets work on all fabrics and leave no residue in the dryer. The re-sealable pack includes 15 6.5 x 9 sheets.
Hunters Specialties Wafer Blades
Scent infused scent wafers in the shape of a fan blade means the maximum air flow through the scent. Over 50% more surface area than our traditional Scent Wafers. Perfect for attaching to clothes, a branch or for use with the Blade Driver to maximize scent dispersal (sold separately). 50% more surface area = 50% more scent dispersal. Includes 3 Wafer Blades. Includes 3 safety pins for attachment to clothing. Scent renews itself when returned to the recharge storage case.
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