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MAD Spring Turkey Arsenal
The "Glassinator" packs a small price tag, but yields a big sound! A glass striking surface makes this call very easy to condition and keep running in top condition. Included is the "Resonator" striker, which built from resin. This striker is universal and will run well on anything striking surface, especially glass. Framed in our famous 300 series pot without a soundboard, the Glassinator delivers a very clear, high frequency raspy call. The "Glassinator" is an easy to run call that will have you calling like a champ in no time.
Point Blank Mother Load
The Turkey Box call by Jones calls. Perfect for pros and beginners this is a two sided box - easy to master. It has excellent sound and produces yelps, clucks, purrs, cackles, cutting and gobbles. Sound carries well too. Jones Tip: Turkey have excellent eyesight so don't move when they can see you. Wait until brush, logs or trees block their view, or wait until he's strutting with his fan toward you.
Point Blank Take Down Two Step
View images from the camera up to 300 feet away. LCD on the remote. 2 Way communication. Demonstrates router status and battery life. Does not require cellular service. Compatible with many Wi-Fi enabled devices. Module powered by the camera. Remote activated up to 300 feet (remote required). Remote uses a A27 battery (included).
Quaker Boy Box Call Chalk
High quality. Greaseless.
Primos Triple Seven Striker
Reacts on any surface with unmatched precision. Crafted from a single piece of laminated hardwood. It is a all around striker that produces awesome cuts, purrs and kee-kee runs.
MAD Glassinator Pot Call
Exceeds 15,000 Hz High frequency. Includes MD-321 The Resonator Striker. Waterproof.
Hunters Specialties Twin Pan Holster
Round camo pouch holds two pan calls in separate pockets. Two striker holders on front. Includes belt loop and snap hook.
Primos The Box Cutter
Go ahead, "Cut Loose" with the Box Cutter?! The Box Cutter's? thumb hole groove positions your thumb perfectly so it acts as a spring allowing you to make the sweetest cuts a box call can make. Cuts are critical for getting that boss gobbler to respond. When he gobbles to your cuts, call him all the way in with the irresistible purrs, yelps, cackles and clucks produced by the Box Cutter?. The Box Cutter? is crafted with a jatoba lid and a solid mahogony box. Jatoba is commonly found on the slopes of high riverbands in Central America and it is considered one of the most durable of hardwoods.
HME Six Shooter Turkey Game Call
6 Pre-loaded calls Cluck and Purr Mating Yelps Cuttin of a Hen Tree Call Old Hen Yelp Gobble On/Off Volume Control Compact handheld design Hand lanyard Powered by Four (4) AAA batteries (not included).
Quaker Boy Boomerang Turkey Call
The SR-Boomerang is meticulously crafted of three latex reeds (1).004 (2).003. Less is more applies to this setback reed design. Slightly less, yet ultra stable surface area to control, the single spike cut longest reed adds realistic heavy rasp. The SR-Boomerang performs the heavy rasp vocalizations of the wild turkey, with added stability for loud aggressive calling.
Quaker Boy Cut Throat Turkey Call
The SR-Cutthroat is meticulously crafted of three and a half .003 latex reeds. The backer reed adds stability to the triple cut longest reed which adds realistic rasp; the SR-Cutthroat performs the heavy rasp vocalizations of the wild turkey, with added stability for loud aggressive calling.
Quaker Boy Elevation Series Turkey Seal Rite
The SR Cutter Max is hand crafted of two .003 and one .004 latex reeds. The SR Cutter Max configuration offers a perfect combination to create a mix of clean, clear and medium to heavy raspy tones of the wild turkey.
Quaker Boy Razor Turkey Call
The SR-Razor is meticulously crafted of three .003 latex reeds. We slit the single spike on the longest reed which adds realistic rasp; the SR-Razor performs the medium to heavy rasp vocalizations of the wild turkey.
Quaker Boy Pro Triple
Three thin reeds. Ultimate clear mouth yelper. Makes all turkey sounds. One of our most popular calls.
Quaker Boy Old Boss Hen
Two medium thick reed, one split. First choice of hunters & champion callers. Reproduce all calls of the wild turkey.
Quaker Boy Old Boss Hen
Each call has a precisely matched reed thickness and tension to offer you the best variety of feel and tone quality. Beginner or expert, the Old Boss Hen design is proven to be the most effective call in the woods year after year.
Quaker Boy Twin ll
Two medium thick reeds. Louder and deeper than the Kee-Kee call. Simple to use.
Quaker Boy Beginner's Double
The beginner's choice. Two thin reeds. The very simplest to use.
Quaker Boy Hurricane Waterproof Box Call
Quaker Boy has once again hit a home run with its newest edition to their box call line. The Hurricane Box call has been built with new technology eliminating the need to maintain the call. The new Ergo-Grip paddle handle is designed so you can sound like an Old Hen or Young Hen on the right or left side of the call. This call will work equally as well on wet stormy or hot dry days. Due to the special new coating this call should never be chalked or sanded. Sanding will damage the special waterproof coating.
Quaker Boy Mini Mag
Contains one each of the following: Mini Mag Double, Mini Mag Triple, Mini Mag Old Boss Hen and Mini Mag V-Cut.
Quaker Boy Turkey Thugs Half Moon Ghost
This diaphragm call produces all the calls of the wild turkey with medium pitch and rasp. The 1/2-moon backer reed focuses air for greater control. Two light reeds + Half Moon backer reed. Two light white latex reeds with top reed featuring the Ghost style cut. Light premium green Half Moon backer reed.
Quaker Boy Grand Old Master Box Call
Dick Kirby's original design. Poplar bottom. American Cherry top.
Primos Crow Call
Sounding like a crow is a perfect way to entice a springtime gobbler into giving away his location by gobbling back at you. You can then move closer and attempt to lure the gobbler into range. The Crow Call is also perfect for calling and hunting crows. Super raspy!
Cass Creek Ergo Spring Gobbler Electronic Call
Spring Yelp - A high pitched series of yelps to call the gobbler to mate. Purr - Soft / subtle call of a contented hen used to convince the gobbler those last few yards. Tree Yelp / Fly Down - Soft morning wake up yelps accompanied by real wing beats as the hen leaves the roost. Fighting Purr - Aggressive / agitated Toms sparring for dominance often triggers a hung up gobbler to come in. Jake Gobbler - The sounds of an immature gobble challenges the dominant Tom.
Cass Creek Ergo Electronic Turkey Call
The Cass Creek Ergo Turkey Electronic Game Call is compact and has an ergonomic grip. With one a hand push button operation, this game call is easy to use. The Cass Creek Ergo Turkey Electronic Game Call features real live turkey calls. The sounds are high quality and effective to ensure you call in the turkey you want. The Ergo Turkey Electronic Game Call has five calls on one unit, auto interrupt feature, and a handy on /off and volume thumb dial. Cluck - A low volume note, or series of notes used as small talk between turkeys establishing location. Yelp - A louder call or series of repetitious notes beckoning other turkeys to come. Assembly Call - Usually made by an adult hen calling her clutch and other turkeys. Kee-Kee - Used mainly by young turkeys to reassemble or used by a lost turkey trying to find the flock. Purr - A confidence call used during feeding, close range and group talk.
Primos Peacock
The peacock call is also capable of producing a pileated woodpecker, perfect for Eastern U.S. hunters and a high-pitched coyote, perfect for areas of the West - including Texas. Capable of pulling a gobble out of a call-shy tom. This easy-to-use call will help you find birds you would otherwise never know were there.
Primos Power Hawk
Locating a big Tom during the day can be difficult. The shrill cry of a hawk can make those Toms gobble when nothing else can. The high-pitched frequency of the call causes them to shock gobble. Locate your next big Tom with the Power Hawk?!
Primos The Gobbler Shaker Call
Super loud and easy. Silencer cap eliminates unwanted sounds while moving through the woods. One or two handed operation. Great gobbler locator. Super loud gobbles.
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