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Calls-Misc & Accessories

Faulks Adjustable Predator Call
Fine walnut finish, precision reed and adjustable ring to produce distress call of jackrabbit, cotton tail and squeaker. With instructions.
Flextone Dying Jackrabbit
The flextone® Dying Jackrabbit? emits incredible natural sounds due to its rubber body. Blowing hard into the mouth piece creates super loud distress screams that can be heard hundreds of yards away. By squeezing on the rubber end and changing its shape creates inflection in the distress cries. It's these pleading sounds that convince the wariest of predators there's an injured jackrabbit. Once the predator commits to your calling, simply pinch or bend over the end and turn the Dying Jackrabbit? into a close range coaxer as you tone down the desired volume and make softer whines.
Haydel's Coyote Howler
This compact Coyote howler is designed to locate and call dominate dogs. Also effective in locating Turkeys.
Faulks Cottontail Predator Call
Imitates the high pitched scream of a cottontail. Can be used for long range or short range calling.
E.L.K. Call Replacement Bands
$2.39 - $3.49
Replacement bands for the Cow Talk, Larynx Bull, Deer Talk, Turkey Talk, Antelope Talk, Hi-Pitch, Power Bugle, Royal Bugle and Deluxe Cow Talk calls.
Extreme Dimension Ihunt Bluetooth Predator Call & Decoy
Extreme Dimension offers a combination Game Call and a Decoy to bring predators in close. Both the calls and the decoy are controlled with your smart phone. With over (150) predator calling sounds available with the iHunt app and a lifelike moving tail, coyotes are sure to come into range. Dual speakers are loud enough to bust through any weather conditions-up to 110 db of sound. The iHunt app with over (700) calls from over (50) species of animals is free with purchase. 50 yard range. Create an unlimited number of playlists of any duration, set delays, play multiple sounds simultaneously, adjust volumes and more. Includes daily updated Solunar tables, current weather, compass and other great hunting tools. The decoy has a wide platform for stability on uneven terrain. Requires (3) D cell batteries (not-included).
Primos Turbo Dogg
The Primos Turbo Dogg features 36 sounds and 4 Expert Hunts. One-handed remote with an up to 100 yard range under ideal conditions. Sound list is displayed on the color LCD screen. USB port; stores over 500 sounds. Sound library lets you add sounds and Expert Hunts. Decoy jack; additional speaker jack. Requires 11 AA batteries (3-remote 8-speaker not included). Specifications and Features: Species: All predators Sound Species: Up to 36 Sounds Electronic: Yes Battery: 11 AA Color: RealTree Max 1 Style: Ergo Water Environmental: Water Resistant Calls: 36 Sounds.
Johnny Stewart Coyote Hooker® Predator Call
The Coyote Hooker® Predator Call from Johnny Stewart® Wildlife Calls allows you to easily imitate authentic coyote sounds with the simple push of a button. The call features an internal-reed design with a molded membrane on top. By blowing the call and adjusting the pressure on the membrane, you can easily change the pitch of the call. The Coyote Hooker® predator call is lightweight and comes with a lanyard.
Western Rivers Decoy Mover
Motorized assembly that form fits and connects to the attachment area on the Mantis callerPowered by 1x4 ?AA? batteries (batteries not included)Connection that syncs sounds with the movement of the motor2 stick assemblies (fur / kite) included with kit
American Hunter Hog And Predator Snare
A simple, yet effective snare. As soon as any pressure is put on the trigger plate, it launches the braided steel cable around the leg of the activator and firmly holds them in place. Trap system includes two 6.5" metal stakes that secure it in place.
American Hunter Hog Light
LED hog light weather-resistant. Hunting accessories trapping supplies. Made of the highest quality materials.
Western Rivers Mantis 25 Turkey Call
The Mantis 25 turkey is a compact handheld caller that comes preloaded with 25 different enticing turkey calls and an amazing 105DB sound output that will pique an animal's curiosity to come in closer. The 4-way rubberized keypad call section is easy to use and incorporates volume control for realistic sounds. The convenient trigger sound activation button initiates the call and the user can utilize the random repeat option for hands free use during a calling session. The LCD screen readout is Backlight for easy navigation in low to no light conditions.
Western Rivers Mantis Pro 400
The Mantis Pro Bluetooth offers one of the highest values for your dollar of any caller on the market. It features an 4" Reflex Loadspeaker with a 1 GB internal memory to store 400 permanent high quality realistic sounds and an SD card slot to expand call capacity. The ergonomically designed LCD remote control allows the user to power the unit on/off, play and pause the caller, select/scan sounds, control the volume level up and down, mute or pause the sound. This high tech remote provides the user with the greatest versatility when choosing animal sounds, patterns and direction. The speaker provides ample volume control. The LCD display on the remote indicates the title of the sound activated, the location of the sound file as well as volume levels. The LCD display will also indicate the battery level. Weighing in at only 1.75 pounds with batteries, this call is easily packed for high-mountain or flat-land hunting trips.
Western Rivers Mantis 25 Predator Call
25 Pre-load calls for bringing in Predators. Pivoting legs with lock in position. 4-Way key pad call selection / volume control. LCD screen readout with back light. Random repeat timed options. Sound activation trigger button. Hand lanyard. Powered by Four (4) AAA batteries (not included).
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Lightweight and powerful, the GS1 is packed with five preprogrammed, authentic Johnny Stewart® predator calls in 16-bit clarity. Each call loops for 30 seconds to keep the action rolling. Handheld remote nests in the back of the caller and has a range of 50 yards. Loud, compact and ready to get in the field. Pre-programmed with 5 authentic predator calls. The 5 pre-loaded sounds are desperate cries of cottontail, crywolf bark/howls, coyote pup distress, fawn bleating and vittles a'la jackrabbit. Uses four AA batteries (not included), remote uses one 12V A23 battery (included).
Quaker Boy Coyote Call
Alpha Male Coyote Howler is an open reed call that will not only locate coyotes at anytime, but will also call them in during the breeding season. Screamin' Cottontail is a closed reed call that reproduces the distressed screams of a cottontail rabbit that coyotes find hard to resist any time of the year.
Primos Call Lanyards
Nylon rope. The double lanyard features spacers so your calls stay seperated
Primos Mouse Squeeze
Freezeproof! This is the easiest call ever! Just pick it up and squeeze. Great close-range coaxer. Requires minimal hand movement.
Primos Dogg Catcher
Compact electronic Predator Caller that's light weight and simple to use. Plays two sounds simultaneously up to 150 yard range. 12 sounds by Randy Anderson : interrogation howls, female invitation howls, coyote serenade, adult coyote distress (Ki-Yi), coyote pup distress, cottontail distress, baby cottontail distress, jackrabbit distress, Baby jackrabbit distress, baby fawn distress, rodent distress, woodpecker distress.
Primos Randy Anderson Mouth Call Howler Pak
Primos has teamed up with Randy Anderson to bring you the Mouth Call Howler Pak. The Sonic Dome? predator mouth call is used to create higher pitched howls. It has a natural skip, that perfectly reproduces the interrogation howl that Randy uses to lure in wise old coyotes. The Double Howler? predator mouth call has a deeper pitch, which is perfect for making the coyotes lonesome greeting howl. Both calls make the full range of coyote howls and distress calls. The megaphone is included to increase the range of your calling and give it direction. Includes: Mouth call megaphone, Mini-DVD, See Thru Mouth Call Case, Double Howler? & Sonic Dome? Howler.
Flextone Jack The Reaper - MR1
The "Dog Soldier Series" Jack the Reaper LR1 open reed was designed with the help from world champion predator caller Steve Criner. Through his vast years of predator calling afield and in competitions, he always battled lip and mouth fatigue when calling for long periods of time. To combat this, Flextone added the patent pending "Lip Cushion" which achieves a firm grip on the mouth piece. Jack the Reaper Long Range comes with a specially designed mylar reed that produces softer tones. The softer body not only makes for better gripping and reduces unwanted sounds when in contact with your gun.
E.L.K. Grunt Tube With Camo Cover
The Grunt Tube has a smooth bore interior for better sound waves. The special cuff is for the "Larynx Bull Call" to fit into, and the elastic will hold the "Cow Talk Call" call. The Grunt Tube comes with camo cover.
Duel Dominant Coyote Howler
Larger, single reed call with a flex tube design. Creates coyote howls, barks and pup distress calls.
Primos Randy Anderson Mouth Call 2-pack
These mouth calls have been designed to Speak The Language® of the coyote. The Sonic Dome? predator mouth call is used to create higher pitched howls. It has a natural skip, that perfectly reproduces the interrogation howl that Randy uses to lure in wise old coyotes. The Double Howler? predator mouth call has a deeper pitch, which is perfect for making the coyotes lonesome greeting howl. Both calls make the full range of coyote howls and distress calls. Get out there and Speak The Language®. Includes: Double Howler, Sonic Dome Howler and Mouth call pin box.
Cass Creek Ergo Electronic Crow Call
The Cass Creek Electronic Crow Call is a lightweight and compact call that gives you five realistic crow sounds in the palm of your hand. Overlap/interrupt technology allows you to instantly change sounds without having to wait for the sounds to finish, and easy push button operation allows you to keep your eyes on the game and still operate the call. This electronic game call comes with a convenient belt clip and has a natural bark camouflage finish. Operates on 3 AAA batteries (included). Included Sounds: MacDaddy - An attractor call lures with mournful pleadings. Crow Distress - An urgent call for help draws individuals and flocks. Crow/Owl Fight - A flock of agitated crows battles an owl. Crow Frenzy - The pandemonium of large flock calling. Hawk Attack - Aggressive crow and hawk fighting cries.
Cass Creek Electronic Mini Predator Call
The Cass Creek Mini Predator Electronic Game Call is a big game call in a small handheld call unit. You get the full sized predator sounds you need to be successful in your hunting with a pocket size call. The Cass Creek Mini Predator Electronic Call is small but big in stature with over 200 yards of effective sound. It is user friendly and built to last and feature a handy compact design, one handed operation, four calls in one unit, ergonomic design, sure hold rubber grip and lanyard loop. Sounds included: Rabbit - A low pitched distress call with drawn out tones. Rodent - Sharp series of squeaks and drawn out squeals. Woodpecker - Shrill and piercing repetitive wail. Coyote - A communication call announcing territories, luring other canines.
Primos Randy Anderson Double Conttontail Call
This call houses two metal reeds thus giving it the name double. The special reeds are designed to give this call a high-pitched and raspy sound unique to the predator calling world. You can use this call as the primary call or sometimes it works best to save it for later in the set to jar loose those educated critters. Works on all predators including coyotes, bobcats, fox, etc. Features: Two Metal Reeds. High-Pitched & Raspy. Laminated Barrel
Primos Dove Call
The Dove call is easy to use. For morning or afternoon hunts, the call can be used to entice doves closer for that perfect show. To recreate sounds of the different species of doves, vary the rhythm according to the species of dove you are trying to call.
Primos Coon Squaller
Reproduces the high-pitched squall of a raccoon. Attracts both raccoons and predators. Excellent for locating.
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