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18 Results
Rapala Tail Dancer®

This "banana-style" Rapala® lure swims with a pronounced "wide-tail" style without sacrificing that classic Rapala® action. Balsa wood with an internal rattle system, the Tail Dancer® features VMC® black nickel treble hooks for quick piercing sharpness and the strength to withstand the fiercest… [more]

Rapala Deep Tail Dancer®
$15.49 - $15.99

This deep-diving banana-style body lure swims in a pronounced wide tail action without sacrificing the classic Rapala® wounded-minnow attraction. The Deep Tail Dancer® features an enlarged, extreme diving lip that plummets the lure as deep as 30 feet unassisted, getting this bait down where the big… [more]

Cotton Cordell Deep-Diving Red Fin®
$8.69 - $9.69

Trolled or cast, this Red Fin® has earned the reputation of being one of the most productive deep-diving minnow lures ever. Its tight wiggle & true running performance will catch many species of game fish. [more]

Rapala Scatter Rap® Tail Dancer®

Take the wild "wide-tail" action of the Rapala® Tail Dancer® and add the evasive, erratic action that the Scatter Lip creates and you have one deep-diving, aggressive lure. Balsa Body with Scatter Lip, Wire Through Construction. Tapered Tail with Internal Rattle. Evasive, Erratic, Floating Action.… [more]

Reef Runner Little Ripper

The Little Ripper has a incredible darting action. It wobbles wider and stays deeper than any other minnow bait in its class. The curved body and "V-bill" make it nearly neutral buoyant. [more]

Bandit Bandit

Mistaken Identity, Malfunction and Crossbreed. [more]

Dreamweaver Captains Choice Plug

The Captain's Choice plug is a fish assassin. It's enticing action and available color combinations are unparalleled. From the classically styled chrome red head, to the almost radioactive selection of super glow colors, the Captain's Choice plug has declared war on the fish population. It has no… [more]

Reef Runner Ripstick
$9.39 - $56.34

The Reef Runner 700 Series Ripstick is a popular casting and trolling lure. All of Reef Runner's crankbaits are designed, tested, handcrafted and painted in the USA. The Ripstick is a rattling minnow imitator designed to deliver a wide erratic swimming action. [more]

Reef Runner Deep Diver
$9.19 - $9.39

A deep diving rattling minnow bait designed to dive quickly with a wobble game fish can't resist. It's "kicking" action hunts down the big ones while the body creates a perfect image for even finicky fish. [more]

Reef Runner Deep Little Ripper
$9.19 - $56.34

The Deep Little Ripper has a incredible darting action as it dives deeper than the Little Ripper. It wobbles wider and stays deeper than any other minnow bait in it's class. The curved body and "V-bill" make it nearly neutral buoyant. [more]

Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow Deep Diver Walleye
$10.99 - $12.49

Crystal Minnow Deep Diver Walleye lures reflect all subsurface light for the utmost visibility, even at maximum depth's and speeds. This highly effective trolling bait (recommended speed at 1-3 knots) creates a tight wiggling pattern that perfectly mimic's the action of a swimming forage fish.… [more]

P-Line Predator

The P-Line Predator is a deep diving, jointed bait with an action that makes it irresistible to many species of game fish, most notably striped bass. Trolled at 3-mph with 100 feet of line, the Predator will dive 12 to 13 feet. These lures are catching fish from coast to coast, in both salt and… [more]

Smithwick Top 20 Rogue

Smithwick's Top 20 Rogue has the attributes of the Perfect 10, but it was engineered to dig twice as deep, providing an ideal option for times when the fish are farther down in the water column. [more]

Reef Runner Skinnystick

Even when trolling at slow speeds, the Reef Runner 300 Series Skinny Stick has an eye-catching wobble that hungry walleye and other other open-water predatory fish will love. Perfect for targeting suspended fish that are feeding on schools of baitfish, or when fish adhere to deep structures. Dives… [more]

Bandit Walleye Deep
$7.89 - $23.67

A great way to "steal" a few extra Walleye on your next trip. Slim profile, irresistible rattle and deep diving lip make Walleye Bandit a great choice for casting or trolling. [more]

Bandit B-Shad

The Bandit B-Shad is designed for both trolling and casting for walleye and other game fish. The B-Shad dives to about 10 feet on a long cast and trolls down to 20 feet. This small-profile lure is available in a wide variety of color patterns, and it tracks true right out of the package. The… [more]

Bandit Walleye Deep Glow

The Deep Walleye Bandit will troll down to 27 feet and is a great lure for exploring deeper water. Walleye, zander and other predator fish love this slender minnow jerkbait. Measuring 4-3/4-inches and weighing 5/8-ounce, the Deep Walleye Bandit is a go-to fishing lure for anglers around the world.… [more]

18 Results