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Plugs-FW Minnows&Jerkbaits

Berkley Cutter 90+ Suspending Jerkbait
Suspending jerkbait with long-distance castability. Versatile -- twitch, jerk, pause, rip, burn and standard retrieves. Coffin shaped bill allows maximum darting action and side flash with minimal rod movement.
Berkley Skinny Cutter 110+ Suspending Jerkbait
Suspending jerkbait with long-distance castability. Versatile -- twitch, jerk, pause, rip, burn and standard retrieves. Coffin shaped bill allows maximum darting action and side flash with minimal rod movement .
Bagley Spintail Minnow
Bagley introduces the Bagley Spintail for 2015. A must have for any tackle box. This exciting new addition to the Bagley lineup is designed to swim with an amazing tail action, cast easily and allow for multi-purpose retrieves. Work it on top, or 2-3 feet down. You can also twitch and jerk it and then let it pause and rise head first - just like a real minnow - with propeller spinning. Amazing. The Bagley Spintail is available in two sizes (4 and 5) and in 15 fish catching colors. A truly versatile fishing tool.
LiveTarget Sunfish Bluegill Wakebait
$19.99 - $23.99
Designed for targeting the big bass and game fish that feed on bluegill. Extremely detailed and lifelike with its realistic gill plates, scales and fin patterns, also features a durable, single-jointed construction.
Spro Mc Stick 110 Suspending
Features 3 sticky sharp Gamakatsu #5 trebles that insure sure and solid hook ups. Designed to suspend at lower water temperatures for those finicky fish. A bait that is very easy to adjust for those aggressive warmer season fish.
LiveTarget Rainbow Smelt Jerkbait
Designed to be the ultimate realistic stick bait, this tool has it all featuring a weight transfer system, rattle chamber, suspension capabilities, and speed versatility. The precise lip design and intricately positioned stabilizers are strategically aligned to offer a deadly rolling and tail kicking action.
Yo-Zuri Pins Minnow
$9.59 - $12.49
Yo-Zuri Pin's Minnows are classic floating lures that have been angler favorites for over 20 years. These lures are constructed of a durable molded body and polycarbonate lip. Natural colors and holographic finishes attract all types of gamefish. The tight wiggling action makes Pin's Minnows great for casting or trolling.
Rebel PK3RB6 Rebel 3 Pack, Bluegill
Rebel 3 Pack, Bluegill
Rebel PK3RB7 Rebel 3 Pack, TD47
Rebel 3 Pack, TD47
Yo-Zuri 3DR Pencil
The 3DR Series Pencil's rear weight transfer system allows for increased casting distance as well - even in windy conditions - and it also makes walking-the-dog an effortless task, while generating a very loud single knock for added attraction. The underside of the Yo-Zuri 3DR Series Pencil is even crafted with Yo-Zuri's patented Wave-Motion Ribbing for an added element of vibration that stimulates bass' lateral line. Armed with razor sharp treble hooks as well for increased hooking potential, the Yo-Zuri 3DR Series Pencil delivers highly detailed attributes that avid anglers will appreciate.
Lucky Craft Lightning Pointer
$11.99 - $13.49
As it is said in its name, it has an extremely fast beginning action and incredible casting distance like lightning! From these 2 major features, imagine the amount of bites you will get. This is definitely Lucky Craft's best masterpiece of the 21st century!
Bagley Bang-O-Lure
Made of balsa wood with stainless steel wire through construction that produced the ideal imitation of a bait fish for both fresh and saltwater.
Bandit Walleye Shallow
An excellent trolling choice when walleye are located on the top side of drops and bars, along deeper edges. Also casts well and cranks quickly down to 8 to 10 feet for steep banks or structure in deep water. Tracks true, casts great.
Lucky Craft The Pointer
$18.49 - $20.99
The Pointer has been designed with a very low center of gravity through the use of special brass weights. The low center of balance causes the lure to wobble and vibrate whenever the retrieving motion is stopped. The Pointer will suspend 4 -5 feet deep and will emit an intriguing bass-calling vibration, while in the suspended state. A short twitch of the fishing rod will generate the 'Walk the Dog' action under the water.
LiveTarget Yearling Jerkbait
LIVETARGET Life-Like Lures take lure manufacturing to a new level of "Match the Hatch" realism. Featuring 3-D tooling and multi-layered paint to bring the lures alive. Available in the most popular forage bases to match what the fish are feeding on in your home waters in Fresh and Saltwater areas. Try one today!
Luck-E-Strike Rc & Rc 2 Series Jerkbaits
Designed to suspend perfectly on the pause. The lures hydrodynamic design and advanced rolling weight transfer system, provides a deadly, erratic, darting action, combined with the ability to suspend perfectly on the pause will entice more strikes.
Rebel Micro Minnow
The single, barbless hook of Rebel's Micro Critters Micro Minnow makes it easy to introduce your young angler to the sport of fishing while maintaining peace of mind when it comes to their safety. Tiny, ultralight lures are ideal for use in ponds, streams, creeks and everywhere in between.
Westin Tommy The Trout Jointed
$20.99 - $33.99
The Westin Tommy the Trout is a trout-imitating hybrid swimbait with a soft body and a hard head. Tommy's great for hunting big predators because there is nothing they love more than a fat, juicy-looking trout. It's well-known that the biggest predators grow up feeding on trout and several record pike catches have been made in trout waters. In other words, Tommy the Trout is the most-wanted prey from the moment he hits the water. Amazingly lifelike down to the smallest detail, the detailed pectoral and pelvic fins flutter in the water to trigger more bites. Additionally, this lure features full eyelet-to-hook wire construction and a slide lock easy change connection allows you to change out replacement soft bodies quickly and easily.
Westin Tommy The Trout HL Inline
The inline rig system features a 90lbs seven-strand American Fishing Wire that runs through a specially designed tunnel in the head of Tommy. The rig with two strong trebles connects to the body via a special click-and-lock system that automatically releases when a fish is hooked. A hard lure/swimbait with SemiSoft fins, realistic swimming action with belly flashes and a line up with amazing hand painted colors.
Yo-Zuri 3DB Jerkbait
Universal Minnow Shape. Baitfish Profile to Imitate a Variety of Forage. Flat Sides for a Variety of Fishing Techniques: "Subsurface Twitching", Cast & Retrieve, Trolling. Designed Specifically for Big Bass. Suspending for "Jerkbait" technique. Mylar tailhook for flash and lifelike fin. Injured "Red Eye", Gamefish Key in on distressed baitfish. Patented Wave-Motion Ribs for more vibration. Internal 3D Prism, Patent Pending. Round bend black nickel treble hooks.
Savage Gear 3D Shine Glide
$20.99 - $25.99
The Savage Gear 3D Shine Glide is a slow sinking erratic swimming glide bait. These baits have been deadly on a multitude of game fish from largemouth bass to musky. On a slow retrieve the bait glides from side to side. A pop of the rod tip will increase the darting action. Deadly on a twitch and stop retrieve.
Boyd Duckett BD Jerkbait
Custom designed with the input of Bassmaster Classic Champion, Boyd Duckett, the Castaic Boyd Duckett BDJ Jerkbaits deliver a neutrally buoyant presentation that suspending bass won't be able to resist. Built with a precise weighting system, the Castaic Boyd Duckett BDJ Jerkbaits tempts fish with an erratic lunging presentation that imitates the actions of a dying shad. Armed with three sticky-sharp Kitana trebles, the Castaic Boyd Duckett BDJ Jerkbaits provide anglers with competition-caliber performance right out of the package.
Rebel Tracdown Minnow
Un-equaled in action and productivity, the Tracdown sinking minnow sinks at a rate of one per second. This allows the angler to count his lure down and retrieve it at the exact depth of located suspended fish.
Spro Mcrip 85 Suspending
Designed with BASS Elite Series pro, Mike Mclelland, and built on the popular and effective McStick frame, the Spro McRip 85 employs a bigger bill to get the bait down into the 8-10ft range (on 10lb fluoro) - prime depth ranges for bass early and late in the season. A suspending bait, it features the exclusive Spro weight transfer system, which allows it to cast like a bullet and also suspend perfectly on the pause. Smaller profile rip bait that can get down deeper to tempt those suspending fish.
Cotton Cordell Jointed Red Fin®
High riding and extra buoyant Classic V-wake runs truer for more strikes. Hollow head lets you twitch it like no other minnow lure. An all-world striper lure and especially effective for largemouth. Also productive for specks and redfish on the Gulf Coast Another Cotton Cordell striped bass lure that catches all kinds of fish, including bass, specks, and redfish.
Rebel Tracdown Micro Minnow
The Rebel Tracdown Micro Minnow can go as you want in the water column! With the added weight, the Tracdown Micro Minnow cast farther, wiggle harder and sink deeper to help you catch more fish. Featuring a single, barbless hook, both the Tracdown Micro Minnow and the Tracdown Micro Crawfish are perfect for any special regulations trout streams and for beginning anglers. Barbless hook.
Yo-Zuri 3DR Jerkbait
Each 3DR Jerkbait also features an advanced, internal 3D Prism from which the 3DR Series gets its name. This new prism design sends out flashes of reflected light that more closely resemble that of a real baitfish, helping to attract strikes from bass that have seen a thousand lures pass in front of them. To further its attraction, the 3DR Series Jerkbait's underside is textured with Yo-Zuri's patented Wave-Motion Ribbing to create additional water disturbance and vibration.
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