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Zoom G-Tail Worm
The Zoom G-Tail Worm features a thick body and a wide tail, a throwback to the gator-tail design made popular in the 70s and 80s. The G-Tail's square body shape and wide tail offers a larger presentation, making it a great choice when going after big fish. The Zoom Bait G-Tail Worm is a good fit for either Texas rigs or Carolina rigs but can also be fished weightless to create a buzzing action on the surface. This modern take on the gator tail worm is a timeless throwback, perfect for river systems and any place that a little more tail action is desirable. Salt impregnated. Size = 6".
Worm Factory Rigged Worm
$2.59 - $3.79
Each hand-poured worm is molded so it automatically slides through water in a corkscrew type action. Action not duplicated by Texas rigged or weighted worms. A fabulous advantage for the casual angler or hard core pro alike.
Kellys Plow Jockeys®
Features three No. 6 gold-plated hooks precisely arranged for bass attack, hand tied/hand sewn 17 lb. test inside leader and colors that distract fish from their traditional habits with built-in fish-catching scent "Anise Plus"?. 1 per bag.
Mister Twister MT5C10-14PGNS Comida
Comida w/Salt Worm, 5" Watermelon Candy 10/Pack
Mister Twister MT5C10-15BBK Comida
Comida w/Salt Worm, 5" Green Pumpkin Blue 10/Pack
Mister Twister MT5C10-15BK Comida
Comida w/Salt Worm, 5" Green Pumpkin 10/Pack
Mister Twister MT5C10-3BS Comida
Comida w/Salt Worm, 5" Black/ Blue Flake 10/Pack
Mister Twister MT5C10-DGWR Comida
Comida w/Salt Worm, 5" DGWR 10/Pack
Creme Weedless Rigged Scoundrel
6" Scoundrel® worm rigged with wire leader and propeller and #1 hooks with wire weed guards. 1 rig and 1 spare.
Zoom 6
This larger modern take on the original ring worm can be pitched into holes in the grass or around laydowns to tempt even the wariest bass. The six-inch Dead Ringer is a masterful take on the original ring worm in a larger size. It still features segmented rings that trap and hold water for a presence far greater than its small body. The addition of a curly tail that flutters on the fall and when twitched is often too much for bass to resist. Salt Impregnated. Size = 6".
Creme Stick
Creme invented the plastic worm in 1949. Now we are proud to offer you these lures at a substantial savings. The color and quality are The Same Thing. 5" in length, 6 pack.
Zoom Original Speed Worm
The Original Speed Worm features a thick paddle tail that throbs on the fall or when retrieved horizontally. It can be flipped and pitched into thick cover because the design allows them to slip through even small openings in a thick mat or brushpile. You can also swim it weightless or with a light bullet weight and the tail will pulse like a spinnerbait blade. The original still outproduces all others' paddle tail style worms, especially in grassy environments where it calls fish from a distance. Salt-impregnated, Size = 5 3/4".
Berkley Powerbait® Power Honey Worm
Formulated for trout and panfish. Emulates a larval insect and is great for ice fishing or open water.
Berkley Gulp!® Fat Floating Trout Worm
Not only are Berkley's Gulp! Fat Floating Trout Worms loaded with trout-attracting ingredients, but they offer a buoyant, lifelike design that imitates the features and action of small worms and other trout forage. Shorter and fatter than other trout worms, the Gulp! Fat Floating Trout Worms are 100% biodegradable and can be wacky rigged or used on a traditional floating trout rig. Measures 2" in length. 10 pack.
B-Fish-N AuthentX Ringworm
B-Fish-N Tackle beefed up the neck of their 4" Ringworms to provide added durability. Anglers had stated time and time again that fish, particularly bass, were ripping their ringworms off their jigs during violent headshakes at boatside. The solution was to eliminate the "neckdown" area of the old design and tweak the existing molds to produce baits that were ever so slightly larger in diameter for the first 1.5" behind the nose of these baits. The result was a much more durable ringworm that retained ALL of the subtle fish catching action this bait is famous for.
Zoom 4
This modern take on the original ring worm can be pitched into holes in the grass or around laydowns to tempt even the wariest bass. The four-inch Dead Ringer is a masterful take on the original ring worm, with segmented rings that trap and hold water for a presence far greater than its small body. The addition of a curly tail that flutters on the fall and when twitched is often too much for bass to resist. Salt Impregnated.
Zoom Trick Worm
The Trick Worm was the original floating worm, deadly for twitching and deadsticking weightless for a stealth approach to shallow water bass, but in recent years it has become the gold standard for so much more. Savvy pros have realized that its straight, slender profile is perfect on the back of a shakey head or Carolina rigged when fish have seen every other lure under the sun. With its subtle approach and wide range of color options, there's a Trick Worm for every situation. Amazing fished weightless around shallow cover, but also deadly on a Carolina rig or shakey head. Segmented worm with a natural slithering action. Salt Impregnated. Size 6 1/2".
Reaction Flirt 4.95
Finesse fishing will never be the same. The Flirt's patent pending tail design gives a unique action that taunts fish into striking. The flat belly on the forewarn third of the Flirt also gives the glide of a hand pour, for those who like dart heading.
Berkley Powerbait® Pro Jig Worm
The old classic is back! New colors with eye-popping fireheads call fish in. Proven fish-catching scent and flavor built in.
Yamamoto 4
Tested and proven on California lunkers, Gary Yamamoto's Senko has quickly become a sensation throughout the United States. The Senko's salt impregnated, has a healthy profile, casts like a bullet, and features a unique smooth-and-even horizontal fall when fished weightless or wacky style. It's not magic, but it's pretty darn close. (10 pack)
Yamamoto 5
The Yamamoto Slim Senko 5-inch is a firecracker. Custom made to compete and win in any trick worm or slender worm situation, it has what others don't because it always produces that unique Senko® characteristic of shimmying and shifting with tip quivering action. (10 pack)
Zoom Ol' Monsters
The Ol' Monster from Zoom Bait Company has been the go-to big worm of tournament anglers for years. The Ol' Monster is a sure bet to catch a kicker to fill out your limit or to boat the fish of a lifetime.
Zoom UV Speed Worm
The Zoom Ultra Vibe Speed Worm was designed to trigger the predatory instinct in bass, combining the realistic look and action of a worm with the unique sound profile of the Ultra Vibe Tail for maximum water disturbance. You can buzz it on top, swim it below the surface or rig it Texas or Carolina style the tail will elicit strikes when others don't. The Ultra Vibe Tail gives off an acoustic footprint unlike that of any other worm on the market, making it deadly on pressured bass looking for an easy meal. Salt impregnated. Size = 6".
Zoom Finesse Worm
Often copied, but never matched, the original Finesse Worm is a smaller version of the popular Zoom Trick Worm and can be rigged in a variety of ways, including wacky style on a small hook, on a darter head, splitshot or on a shakey or finesse jig head. Its subtle action and natural undulations attract bass anywhere they swim. Slim, gradually tapering worm. Salt impregnated. Size = 4 ? inches.
Yamamoto Fat Senko®
$6.49 - $9.49
With its wide range of uses and subtle natural action the Yamamoto Senko has quickly become a favorite with anglers all over the world. The beauty of the Senko is in it's simplicity. The Yamamoto Senko may just look like a thick round plastic worm but the fall rate created from the large amount of salt impregnated in the body drives fish mad. When rigged weightless it falls horizontally with a seductive side to side tail action. Try rigging this bait wacky style or texas rigged and experience the versatility the Yamamoto Senko provides.
Berkley Powerbait® Rib Worm
A popular choice for anglers looking for a powerful worm bait, the PowerBait Rib Worm features signature scent and flavor that greatly improve the strength of your hookset. The ribbed body design also helps release more scent, enhancing the appeal of the bait instantly. The Berkley® PowerBait® Rib Worm Soft Bait is a great choice when it comes to PowerBait worms.
Berkley Powerbait® Shaky Snake
Ribs add more surface area allowing more scent release. Tail design adds fluid-like motion to tail on light twitche. Beefed up head for proper rigging.
Berkley PowerBait Maxscent Kingtail Worm
Blending the proven attraction of an oversized ribbon tail with Berkley's Maxscent technology, the Berkley Powerbait Maxscent Kingtail Worm offers reinforced attraction that big bass won't be able to pass-up. Designed with a ribbed body, the Berkley Powerbait Maxscent Kingtail Worm offers increased surface area for greater scent dispersion and keeps your hook point fully concealed. Great for deep, summertime tactics, the Berkley Powerbait Maxscent Kingtail Worm provides an enhanced action and fortified scenting that will reign king among tournament anglers.
Berkley PowerBait Maxscent The General Stick Bait
PowerBait MaxScent line of baits release a super-charged scent field attracting fish in a way never before seen. This all-new material is perfect for finesse presentations with ultra-realistic texture and natural matte colors to fool the hardest to catch fish. The soft yet durable material provides for life-like action and easier hook-ups producing multiple fish on each bait.
Kalin Wac-O Worm
Heavy salted for faster sink rate. Loaded with garlic scent to attract the toughest fish. Texas rig or wacky style this worm is sure to catch fish.
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