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Yum Walleye Grub
The wide curl tail produces fish attracting vibration and action. Fortified with YUM attractant to trigger even the finicky glasseye. Fish it vertically over the flats on a jighead, or in combination with live bait.
Mister Twister 4BB10-35 Buzz Bug
Buzz Bug, 4" Black/Blue Bag 10/Pack
Zoom Super Chunk Jr.
The Super Chunk Jr. combines the bulk of a traditional chunk-style jig trailer with the flapping claws of a crawfish imitator, now in a downsized package. Threaded on the back of a flipping or casting jig, it will raise up in the defensive posture of the favorite protein-packed meal of big fish. On the back of a swim jig, it will swim along methodically, sending out vibrations far and wide to bass looking for a hearty and easy meal. Salt impregnated.
LiveTarget Goby Paddle Tail
Incredibly effective across the Great Lakes and Northern fisheries, the LIVETARGET Goby Paddle Tail Swimbait provides a lifelike Goby imitation that excels around smallmouth, walleye, and pike. Perfect for dragging along the bottom, the LIVETARGET Goby Paddle Tail Swimbait features an internal weighting system that keeps it down in the water column, while maintaining a lifelike appearance. Along the back, the LIVETARGET Goby Paddle Tail Swimbait features a hard-kicking paddle tail that comes to life on a slow drift. Offered in a range of lifelike goby patterns, the LIVETARGET Goby paddle Tail Swimbait provides multi-species attraction that is sure to become a staple among Northern anglers.
Zoom 5
This hollow body swimbait has a very realistic shad-shaped body with a lively paddle tail for lifelike swimming action. Fish it on a light or heavy jig head and work a slow swimming action back to the boat. These soft plastic swimbaits have become a go-to bait for many bass fishermen on clear and off colored reservoirs. Salt impregnated.
Jackall Chunk Craw
Truly a multipurpose workhorse, the Jackall Chunk Craw provides versatility and action that leaves all other craw-style soft plastics in the dust. Built with two big fluttering claws, the Jackall Chunk Craw performs well with traditional techniques, like a jig and a Carolina-rig. However, the effectiveness of the Jackall Chunk Craw doesn't stop there. Bulky enough for punching rigs, yet small enough for dropshotting, the Jackall Chunk Craw ensures that no matter how the fish want their crawfish served, you can deliver. Offered in a number of rod-bending colors, the Jackall Chunk Craw provides stands head-and-shoulders above the competition.
Zoom Ultra-Vibe Chunk
The ultimate movement trailer combines the best of two worlds for a hard-flapping action. The addition of Zoom's patented Ultra Vibe tails to the back of a traditional chunk-style trailer makes the perfect addition to any flipping jig, swim jig or vibrating jig. Despite the appearance of a slim profile, these tails move tons of water on both the retrieve and the fall, giving the fish a sound profile they haven't yet experienced in this lure class. Salt impregnated.
Jackall Cover Craw
The Cover Craw presents a protein-rich profile in a compact soft plastic package. It is available inboth three inch and four inch sizes, both of which are salt injected and filled with live bait scent. It can be pitched into the tightest crevices or allowed to glide down in open water - there are no limitations to how it can be fised. Jackall pro TyOno likes to fish it weightless - the special design allows it to glide back under docks and swim into the places where bass hide.
Mister Twister 35PIC9-11BGN8 Poc'it
Poc'it Craw, 3.5" JuJu Pump Green/ Orange 9/Pack
Mister Twister 35PIC9-13RGNS Poc'it
Poc'it Craw, 3.5" Junebug Red 9/Pack
Mister Twister 35PIC9-14BK Poc'it
Poc'it Craw, 3.5" Watermelon Seed 9/Pack
Mister Twister 35PIC9-310P Poc'it
Poc'it Craw, 3.5" Black / Chartreuse Pearl 9/Pack
Mister Twister 35PIC9-35 Poc'it
Poc'it Craw, 3.5" Black/Blue 9/Pack
Mister Twister 4BB10-13RGNS Buzz
Buzz Bug, 4" Junebug Red 10/Pack
Mister Twister 4BB10-15BBKS Buzz
Buzz Bug, 4" Green Pumpkin/ Blue 10/Pack
Mister Twister 4BB10-15BK Buzz Bug
Buzz Bug, 4" Green Pumpkin 10/Pack
Mister Twister 4BB10-3RS9BS Buzz
Buzz Bug, 4" Red River Special 10/Pack
Mister Twister 4BB10-5BS Buzz Bug
Buzz Bug, 4" Shapphire Blue 10/Pack
Mister Twister 4BB10-DGWR Buzz Bug
Buzz Bug, 4" California 420 10/Pack
Southern Pro Rainbow Tubes
1-1/2" in length. 10 per pack. Perfect for Crappie fishing!
Zoom Centipede Finesse Worm
The Zoom Centipede is the ultimate Carolina-rigging dynamite, the finesse option that everyone else has unsuccessfully tried to copy. It looks like it shouldn't have much action, but it darts and glides with a simple twitch of the rod. In addition to fishing it on the Carolina rig, you can dropshot it or put it on the back of a shakey head. In fact, with its flat bottom, on a jighead it'll skip a mile under docks and overhanging brush. Symmetrical French Fry glides and darts with the slightest provocation. Salt-impregnated. Size = 4 inches.
Berkley Gulp!® Floating Minnow
Floating for more lifelike swimming action. Keeps bait off bottom and in the strike zone. Split tail for increased action.
Berkley Gulp!® Cricket
The next generation in soft baits. Biodegradeable. Made of natural ingredients. 400x's more scent dispersion, expands the strike zone allowing you to catch more fish. (1" in length, 8 per pack)
Berkley Gulp!® Jigging Grub
Designed specifically for the jig fisherman from the top of its head to the very tip of the tail. The head was designed to better fit a jighead, the body has more mass than a standard curltail grub, and the tail is much beefier- creating more of a "thump" on the fall, creating more strikes than ever before. With the built-in GULP!® scent and attractant, it smells like a great meal to all of the fish in the neighborhood.
Berkley Gulp!® Leech
Looks, tastes, and feels real. Combines the GULP!® scent and flavor formula with a unique fluttering action that fish attack. Excellent for walleye fishing or as a jig trailer when you're flipping for bass.
Berkley Havoc Smash Tube
Mike Iaconelli designed, the NEW Havoc Smash Tube will fall and glide erratically on every cast. It can be fished in both heavy cover and open water situations and have all kinds of unique 2 color patterns. The flatter (smashed) body makes it easier for hook penetration and the fatter tentacles deliver increased water displacement. Destroy your competition and catch more fish with the new Smash Tube!
Berkley Powerbait® Power Nymph
Formulated for trout and panfish. Emulates juvenile (nymph) stages of an insect's life, on which many fish feed.
Berkley Powerbait® Power Chigger Craw
High action pinchers and the magic of PowerBait® fish attracting scent formula makes it completely irresistible to bass. Fish it alone, or as a jig trailer, slow, or fast, and watch the pinchers swim wildly back and forth driving bass crazy.
Berkley Powerbait® Power Double Tail Grub
Ideal jig trailer for finesse fishing on slow moving jigs. Double tails designed for quick swimming action on slow retrieve.
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