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Eagle Claw Trokar Inshore Kahle Hook
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

Offset and non-forged. [more]

Eagle Claw Aberdeen Hook
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

Light wire, non-offset, ringed eye, gold. [more]

Tru-Turn Bass Worm Hooks
$2.49 - $14.94

Sproat design, ringed eye, bass worm hook w/two slices in shank, spear point. Comes in a ziplock. [more]

Eagle Claw Trokar Drop Shot Hook

This hook is engineered for optimal performance when fishing with swimbaits. Features Octopus style, up eye, forged with ringed eye. [more]

Eagle Claw Aberdeen Live Bait Snelled Hook

Classic, non-offset, down eye, plain shank, 1X strong, light wire. [more]

Sea Striker Snelled Hook
$57.36 - $62.16

Mustad® tinned style #3498A hooks snelled on 12" mono leader. [more]

Standout Finesse Red Alert Western Bass Hook

Red alert finish. Out fishes black hooks, at any depths. [more]

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Octopus Striped Bass Octopus Snelled Hook

Ideal when fishing for Octopus and Striped Bass. This hook features: Offset, Curved Point, Up Eye, and Plain Shank. [more]

Eagle Claw Trokar Nasty Offset Worm Hook

Much like the TK133, the TK105 has is a much thicker hook than the original Lazer Trokar worm hooks. It also has a very pronounced bend which is said to help improve anglers' hook ratios when fishing in both shallow and deep water. It will be available in November in sizes ranging from 1/0 to 6/0. [more]

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Octopus Hook
$4.69 - $4.99

Wide gap. Up eye. Platinum black. Needle tip and forged point. [more]

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Circle Sea Hook
$6.59 - $40.99

Circle Sea?, 3° offset, up eye, Lazer Sharp®, Sea Guard? Black?, saltwater. [more]

Eagle Claw Baitholder Hook
$2.89 - $13.49

5 slices, forged, offset, down eye. [more]

Eagle Claw 189 Baitholder Hook
$3.29 - $31.99

2 slices, forged, offset, ringed eye. [more]

Eagle Claw Trokar Drop Shot Hook
$6.59 - $7.99

This hook is engineered for optimal performance when fishing with swimbaits. Features 30° Degree swimbait hook with spring bait keeper, forged and ringed eye. [more]

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Swimbait Hook with Spring

Barbed spear. 60 degree bend. 3 pack. [more]

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Live Bait Hook

Forged, non-offset, ringed eye, 2X short shank, 1X strong. [more]

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Mr Crappie Re-Volve Hook

Lazer Sharp red crappie. Auto rotating. Light wire. Perfect for all panfish. [more]

Eagle Claw Trokar Extreme Live Bait Hook

Light wire, non-offset and forged. [more]

Mustad UltraPoint Pete Maina Treble Hook
$7.49 - $10.49

Mustad Pete Maina 2X Strong / Long Treble hooks are extremely wide gaped treble hooks for big lures and big mouths. Featuring Mustad's 4.3 Ultra Point technology. Absolutely ideal for targeting big freshwater species like pike and musky. Outstanding hooking and holding capacity. Coated with Mustad… [more]

Mustad Classic Tarpon Hook
$2.59 - $84.99

Ringed, with superior point. [more]

Falcon Gamakatsu K Wacky Hook

"K" Wacky® Weedless Weighted and Unweighted are made in 3/0 and 6/0 hook sizes. With the weed guard these hooks can be fished effectively in any cover and grass situations and with soft plastic stick or trick worms. [more]

Falcon Gamakatsu Bait-Jerker Superline Series Weighted Hook

The patented Bait-Jerker® Hook is a weighted extra wide gap hook that is extremely effective for soft plastic baits like strait tail worms, Senkos, Flukes, frogs, tubes, creature baits and most Swim Baits. The weight is molded on to the shaft of the hook gives any soft plastic bait a horizontal… [more]

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Worm Hook
$3.99 - $4.59

Light wire. Extra wide gap. Freshwater Red. Needle tip and forged point. [more]

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Wide Bend Hook
$2.69 - $79.99

This wide bend, plain shank hook has an extra-wide gap to hold bait and keep fish firmly hooked, from steelhead to walleye. Ringed eye. Lazer sharp® needle tips penetrate quickly. [more]

Eagle Claw Trokar Magnum Weighted Swimbait Hook

Features super wide gap, spring bait keeper, forged, ringed eye. [more]

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Baitholder Snelled Hook
$2.89 - $20.94

Nylon monofilament, 18" leader. 6 Per pack. [more]

Daiichi Copperhead Hooks

CopperHead? hook,Bleeding Bait Red. The special bend at the front allows more hook to penetrate plastics than Xtra Wide Gap hooks. (The best choice for toads, frogs and jerkbaits). [more]

Daiichi ButtDragger Weighted Worm Hook

ButtDragger? Weighted version of the CopperHead? Swims as it falls. Adds action to any plastic. Tip: Go up a size because the weight slows penetration some. The Pinch Weight Can Be Moved To Alter Swimming Action Of Plastics. Great For Twitch Baits! [more]

Daiichi Circle Chunk Wide Hook

Non off-set. Tournament approved. All Daiichi hooks are made with 80 carbon steel for sharpness and durability. [more]

713 Results
Per Page 30 60
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