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Scalers & misc. tools

Bicco Fish Scaler
Easy to operate, economical and compact. No more flying fish scales.
Jackson Cardinal Nippers/Hook Cleaner
Leverless nipper for precise cuts. Nips fly line and heavy monofilament. Knot tool ties perfect nail knots, double nail knots, and snelled hooks. Easy directions included. Guarded needle cleans clogged hook eyes. Made of stainless steel.
Big Norm's Big Norms Magic Scaler
Designed with "free-floating" fingers which remove scales quickly and easily without the scales flying in all directions.
AFW Heavy-Duty Hook Remover Tool
Hand-built in the U.S.A. out of heavy gauge stainless steel, this tool is tough and saltwater resistant. Tool safely removes hooks without touching the fish. Unique two-prong fork backs out deep hooks easily and does not harm the fish or leader. Thick, vinyl-coated handle is high-visibility orange and provides sure grip.
AFW Haywire Twist Tool
Make perfect haywire twists every time. Now you can wrap leader wire into clean, even twists, just like the pros with this tool.
Boone Ss Mono Cutters
One blade of the Boone 7" Braid/Mono Cutter is serrated and the other is ground to provide clean, easy cutting.
Calcutta Round Handle D-Hookers
Dual density round handle allows for a firm, non-slip tool. Shafts are made from heavy duty stainless steel. "S" sharper head is designed to allow you to push or pull out hooks. Lanyard included.
Calcutta Hook Remover
$24.99 - $26.99
Hook Removers feature 420 stainless steel tube and plunger, non-slip molded handles for a firm grip, spring loaded plunger for ease of use, and a wrist lanyard for security.
Baker Stainless Steel Super Scissors
One blade of the scissors is serrated for holding the line while the other is straight and very sharp to cut the line. Another feature is the adjustable tension screw, keeping the right tolerance on the cutting blades that is needed to cut braided line. The handles have extra large finger loops that are easily used by right and left handed anglers alike. Built into the handle is a hook horn.
Baker Brush & Boat Anchor
It's a real grabber! This unique boat accessory locks onto docks, tree limbs and brush with just the release of your grip. No more tying up, just grip it and forget it. A handy anchor for any angler or boater lets you anchor over that fishing hot spot. This Brush and Boat Anchor is made of durable spring steel.
Berkley Hot Line Cutter
Instantly cuts and cauterizes all types of fishing line. Prevents line from fraying and knots from slipping. Replaceable tungsten tip instantly heat to 1200°F and retracts when not in use. Includes replacement tip, 2 AAA batteries, and lanyard included.
Billfisher Wire Cutters
For hard/straight wire. 7-1/2" in length. A great tool to have around the house or the boat.
Calcutta 5
These scissors will cut the smallest to the largest diameter braid. Oversized handles make handling easy.
Culprit ®
Perfect for cutting today's braided fishing lines. This economical set of blades easily cuts the strongest braided line as close as 1/8" from the knot. Rust-resistant, oversized handles, left or right-handed.
Challenge Fish Scaler
This angler's tool features a specially designed and molded end for scaling fish.
Baker Mini Hookout®
Because of its compact size, the Mini HooKouT is ideal for use on smaller fish and by fly fisherman. With its T-shaped handle, it can slip into any pocket for easy access. The Mini is easy to use: just squeeze, twist and remove a hook or lure. Made of non-corrosive materials it will provide many years of use. As with all Baker HooKouT's the Mini is great for catch and release.
Berkley Fishing Multi Tool
Corrosion resistant stainless steel. Spring loaded pliers handle for easy one hand use. Needlenose pliers, cutter, small flat head screwdriver, phillips head screwdriver, large flat head screwdriver, saw, knife, awl, nail file, ruler, bottle opener, scissors.
Baker Mini
Offers all the features of standard forceps, plus a few additional features. The most noticeable feature is that there are no finger loops. The comfort designed Mini "T" handle grip makes it easier to use than standard finger loop forceps. The forceps wide powerful jaws work very well removing hooks, lures and flies while having the ability to crimp split shot and sleeves. The jaws also include a cutting edge that will trim line, lures and flies. Made of rust resistant and stainless steel components.
H&H Catfish Flipper/Hook Remover
Simply hold your line tight, slide the tool down the line and flip the fish off the hook.
Eagle Claw Pistol Grip Hook Remover
$8.99 - $19.99
Easy pistol grip makes hook removal easier than ever!
Joy Fish Galvanized Basket
Joy Fish is a brand by Lee Fisher International, Inc. that focuses on commercial & recreational fishing products. We have twines, gloves, lines, nets, termina.
Anglers Choice
For-A-Cure Pink Hat Hook. A portion of the sale of this item will be donated to support breast cancer research. Your participation in this deserving and most worthy cause is greatly appreciated. Packed 100 No Break.
T-Reign 5
Every fly fisherman needs forceps at hand, and having them on a retractor keeps them close and dry. Small Retractable Gear Tether. 24" Kevlar® cord. Strap or carabiner attachment. Designed and assembled in the USA. Lifetime Service Policy. 5" Forceps. Corrosion resistant stainless steel. 3 position lock. Straight, serrated jaws for grip. 5-year service policy.
Baker Jig Eye Punch & Line Clippers
This tool combines two of the most popular tools used in fishing, the Jig-Eye Punch and Line Clipper. The Jig-Eye Punch/Line Clipper has a comfort designed power grip handle, hook disgorger, screwdriver, and comes with a retractor for quick and easy reach.
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