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Rod Belts, harnesses

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Nu-Mark Wade Fishing Rod Holder
Product Rating
1.0 stars
 (1 Review)

The basic wading kit includes the 15ft pro wading stringer, 2 inch utility belt, and universal rod holder. [more]

Calcutta Authentic Rod Belts
$11.99 - $24.99

All Feature: Stainless steel cross pins. Heavy duty mesh belt with adjustable hook and loop closure. Specially formulated impact resistant polymer shell. Foam padding for added comfort. [more]

Calcutta Fighting Belt
$39.99 - $49.99
Rod Glove Rod Glove
$5.89 - $7.89

Protect and organize your rods with the Rod Glove Rod Covers. 100% made in North America, the Rod Glove Rod Covers are a perfect way to protect the investment you've made in your fishing rods. Also great for eliminating tangles and organizing your rods by color, they feature a tapered tip design… [more]

Playaction Fish Wrangler Belt

Features an enlarged 1/2" comfort pad that has a high coefficient of friction to prevent slippage. A buckle belt to keep it secure. The rotation gimbal holds the rod butt firmly and prevents the annoying side-to-side slippage. A polyester fabric is glued to the front surface of the rubber to add… [more]

Braid Pro-Manta Harnesses

Braid's Pro-Manta Harness, ideal for battling mid-size game fish, is made of quality materials and has welded stainless "D" rings to accommodate drop straps. [more]

Braid Power Play Belt

Built tough so the angler can apply as much as 50 lbs. of drag pressure when fighting a big game fish. Made of high quality space-age plastic composites, is designed to be worn in a lower position for greater leverage. Also featured is Braid's unique "V" shape, which allows the angler to drop the… [more]

Calcutta Rod And Trolling Safety Lines
$19.49 - $26.99

Made of 1" nylon web with double box stitching. Nylon base threading on stitching helps reduce mildew and rot. The rod safety line is 10" long and has loop at one end and clip on the other. The trolling strap is 52" long with clips on both ends. [more]

Mold Craft The Gut Saver

Fits most any rod butt, gimbaled or not. Fly rod, surf rod, bass rod, cane pole, etc. Wear over pants. If belt is worn, move buckle to side for center use. Slips over belt, not through. Mates can wear off to side for faster winding. 4" X 4". [more]

Luna Sea Ultimate Float

A slip on self gripping indestructible cushioned rod handle float for the purpose of making fishing more comfortable while jigging, cranking, and fighting fish. They also work very well for flotation insurance for rods, nets, gaffs, boat hooks and other fishing and boating equipment. Ultra Float… [more]

Aftco Drop Strap For Maxforce Harness

Adjustable drop straps (purchased separately) allow fighting belts to be attached to the Aftco Maxforce Harness. [more]

Texas Tackle Pole Caddy

The Texas Tackle Factory Texas Pole Caddy provides a convenient place for your rod while you handle a fish or tie a line. The caddy is constructed from ABS plastic for durability and features a convenient stringer hitch. The caddy slides easily onto 2" or smaller nylon belts (sold separately).… [more]

Playaction Striker Rod Fight Belt

An entry-level rod belt great for school-size dolphin and other small game fish. Stainless steel bolt provided to help prevent the rod from twisting. 1" webstrap with a quick-snap buckle for convenient fastening. "V" shaped gimbal slot for quick and easy entry. Recessed pocket to hold any size or… [more]

Playaction Rod Fighting Belt

1.27 cm (1/2") anti-slip comfort pad. Gimbal rotates almost 90° vertically and horizontally. Fits gimbaled rods to 3.81 cm (1 1/2") and crutch butt rods to 4.4 cm (1 3/4"). Quick-snap buckle for convenient fastening. Fits all sizes up to 52". Pin in the rotating ball can be used in the vertical or… [more]

Playaction Replacement Gimbal

Replacement gimbal for models B100 all sizes, B200, B225 and B700 all sizes. Gimbal rotates 90 vertically and horizontally holding the rod butt securely in place. Fits gimbaled rods to 3.6cm (1 1/4") and crutch butt rods to 3.8cm (1 1/2"). Pin in the rotating ball can be used in either the vertical… [more]

Playaction Extreme Snap-On Rod Belts
$229.99 - $239.99

Like the original PlayAction Snap-On Belt, the PlayAction B800 Extreme Snap-On Belts spring open and snap into place firmly around hips. Closed cell padding provides comfort while battling fish, a big enhancement over the original belt. The B800 belt is extremely durable and features a gimbal ball… [more]

Braid Blue-Fin Harness

Provides the ultimate in stand-up back relief, as well as full support when wrestling with extra heavy equipment in the fighting chair. The Blue-Fin features include extra padding, woven nylon shoulder strapping with Velcro® closures and stainless steel "D" rings to accommodate drop straps. [more]

Braid Dolphin Belt

Molded from high-tech space-age plastics, the belt's special rod holder support sits low across the groin, transferring the strain of fighting a fish from the weaker areas of the back to the stronger thigh muscles. The belt's unique, molded "V" shaped guide allows the rod butt to easily slip into… [more]

Braid Drop Straps

Made from tough woven nylon, these straps first attach to the loops on each side of Braid fighting belts (after the standard two-inch is removed), and then the "snaps" at the opposite end of the straps are clipped to the "D" rings on Braid harnesses. With the belt in position, it can be readily… [more]

Braid Hip Pad

The Hip Pad is an ultra light rod receiver that is worn on the hip especially designed for light tackle and surf fishing. It is worn by slipping the molded-in clip over the anglers pant waist or belt and suspending on the right or left hip. [more]

Braid Light Tackle Pad

The Light Tackle Pad. It is truly the perfect design and shape for anglers using 15# to 40# test line and is possibly the only rod belt on the market truly suited for big game saltwater fly fishing. The Light Tackle Pad can either be worn with the existing belt strap or, for more comfort and ease,… [more]

Braid Marlin Harness

Helps remedy the fatigue that sets in while fighting long battles on light tackle. Padded for extra comfort, made from lightweight nylon materials, features Velcro®-adjustable straps and has stainless steel "D" rings to accommodate drop straps for attaching belts. [more]

Braid Power Play Harness

Designed to help anglers apply maximum pressure to big game fish with the least amount of effort. Worn to support the lower back area, the Power Play Harness is fully adjustable in the seat area to provide added comfort for anglers engaged in extended battles with big fish. This is also an… [more]

Braid Pro-Manta Belt

Enables the angler to apply as much as 30 lbs. of drag pressure when fighting a fish. Made of high quality materials, the Pro-Manta is designed to be worn in a lower position for greater leverage. With Braid's unique "V" shape, the angler can easily drop the rod butt into place without looking and… [more]

Braid Tuna Belt

Space-age plastic composites, and a wide one piece pad to spread out the forces, make Braid's Tuna Belt? one of the most popular in the line. You can apply up to 40 pounds of drag pressure with this gear to fish 50- to 80- pound tackle easily. Receiver accepts gimbal rod butt. [more]

Braid Reel Rest

Now the spin angler can go after big game fish with the use of the harness and kidney belt, thanks to the Braid Reel Rest?. This ingenious accessory provides reel lugs so that harness straps can be connected to your spinning reel (or any small conventional reel without lugs). Reel Rest? changes the… [more]

48 Results
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