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Little Joe Heart-Of-Steel Spinners
When you're out for northern pike, that's the time for a Heart-of-Steel Spinner. Nylon-covered stainless steel leader withstands dozens of strikes from mono-slicing teeth. 1 per card.
JB Lures Slow Death Rig
The Slow Death Hook itself exaggerates the movement of a crawler on the snelled version. Slow Troll or a drift is recommended for best results. 2 per pack available in both #4 and #6 hooks.
JB Lures Hot Flash
This series uses an all-new #4 and #6 Red Premium hooks; these hooks are very sharp and have excellent plating. Moderate hook-set is recommended. The "Hot-Flash" blade has a unique "swimming minnow look". To create this blade we started with a hammered blade and by not painting the bottom 1/3, a hammered nickel or gold effect is still maintained on the "front" of the blade which also created a swimming "tail" effect. Then we added a very attractive two-toned look to the front of the blade. The darker colors are at the "top" of the blade while a prism "eye" is applied so that a "head" of the minnow is created. Finally a coat of glitter is applied to simulate the scales. We then cover the entire blade with a coat of epoxy to enhance the colors and protect the finish. When you see the blade in the water you will agree that it looks uniquely like a "swimming minnow". The #960 Series uses a #2 Indiana Blade on 42" Team-Fish Camo 12# Test.
H&H Mag Redfish Rig
Jigs rigged together with 30 lb. monofilament leader. Each rig is individually. 6 pack.
Sea Striker Wsp-6 Whiting Sand Perch Rig
This 25 lb. mono rig has two #6 cadmium hooks and a snap for sinker connection. Individually packaged.
Shur Strike Bluefish Rig
This rig is tied with 10" of 120lb. test black coated Sealon wire, a #1/0 swivel and a size 5/0 bronze hook. Individually packaged.
Blue Water Candy Dead Bait Rig
These skirted 1/2 ounce painted jig heads with a #4 Stinger optimize swimming capabilities of dead bait. No longer worry about catching live bait before fishing! Great when baited with cigar minnows, squid and ballyhoo. Great for dolphin and kingfish.
H&H Magnum Redfish Rigs
3", 1/4 oz., 40 lb. A pioneer in Trout fishing tackle.
Eagle Claw Crappie Rigs
Rotating Two Gold Hk w/Spreader Rig
Sea Striker Fluke Rig With Bucktails
Features wide gap hook, spinner, 3-way swivel and bucktail.
Eagle Claw Snapper & Croaker Rig
Gold hook with snap and beds.
Sea Striker Trout Rigs
Trout rigs have a #3 nickel snap and a swiveled cigar sinker on the end of the 15", 40 lb. monofilament. 2 per bag with a header card. 2 per pack.
Mustad Slow Death Rigs
Featuring the Mustad® Slow Death Hook. Unique Corkscrew Action. Use with worms or Berkley® Gulp? Crawlers. Excels in structure and tight spots. 48" Length Rig, 10# Berkley® Fluorocarbon. Great for Walleye, Bass, Crappie, Catfish & Panfish.
Wordens Spin-N-Glo Walleye Rigs
The original winged drift bobber Worden's Spin-N-Glo has been a favorite of anglers for decades. Available with soft plastic wings or stiffer mylar wings, the Spin-N-Glo spins in the slightest of currents adding flotation and motion to any fishing rig. The buoyant Spin-N-Glo floats bait right where walleyes, steelhead, salmon and trout feed. In salt water it is a great addition for fluke flounder and other fish. The versatile Spin-N-Glo comes in a variety of sizes and colors and is available already rigged or in bulk bodies. Now comes in hot new color combinations including colored wings. The new wing colors, in combination with the coordinated body colors, give anglers a whole new look to their salmon and steelhead drift rigs, walleye worm harness rigs and more.
Eagle Claw Two-Way Spinner Rigs
Line - 7 1/2" clear monofilament. Bronze, baitholder hooks. Gold/nickel blades, four opaque red beads. 6 per pack.
Yellow Bird Prescott Spinner Rigs
Original Prescott spinners. 6" leader.
Yellow Bird Prescott Strip-On Rig
The Prescott Strip-On Spinner is still one of the deadliest rigs ever designed for presenting live or dead bait. The spinners are great rigs for live or dead minnows, night crawlers or leeches. Originally introduced in 1893, Prescott Spinners have caught millions of fish for many generations of anglers.
Aqua Clear King Fish / Spot / Perch Rig
The Rig comes with size 8 hooks with floats & red beads. Brilliantly colored beads and long sturdy hooks ensure catching and holding your fish. Be prepared with Aqua-Clear.
Little Joe Walleye Spinners
1 Per bag, 6 per card.
Lindy Floating Snells
For off-bottom or suspended walleyes. Move the adjustable high-vis float up or down the snell to hold bait off the bottom and keep bait visible above weeds, rocks and bottom debris. Carded.
Pacific Catch Halibut Rigs
Tied with 20 lb. test premium monofilament, this popular rig features two low-visibility black crane swivels, two fluorescent attractor beads and a black snap swivel for quick and easy sinker attachment. Offered in two hook styles: Bronze live-bait hooks and 3x strong treble hooks.
Little Joe Crawler Harness
1 Per bag, 6 per strip card.
Little Joe Floating Crawler Harness
1 per bag, 6 per strip card.
Sea Striker Carolina Live Bait King Rigs
The slow troll rig for the tournament fisherman. The bronze hooks are professionally snelled with 60 lb. camo coated wire. The nose hook is a live bait size 2/0. Treble hooks are 4X Eagle Claw size 4. Model LBR has 1 treble and model DLBR has 2 treble hooks. Leader is finished off with a size 7 barrel swivel. Rigs are available with ultra mylar dusters.
Sea Striker Fluke Killers
Another Eastern Shore and Northeast favorite for Flounder (Fluke). This 32", 40 lb. leader has a loop at the top for rig attachment. It has a style 42, size 1/0 nickel plated wide gap hook. The hook is dressed with a spinner blade and a bucktail teaser tag. Individually packaged.
Ahi SB-611PG 2 Hook
"Ready to fish" 2 Hook Rockcod Squirts come equipped with small glow-in-the-dark squids and feature vibrant mylar teasers fish can't seem to resist. Extremely effective under a variety of conditions and depths. Squid bodies are available in Pink Glow or Glow. 6/0 Hook and 50 Lb mono line are attached to a heavy duty swivel and snap swivel.
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