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Minnow buckets

Challenge Bait Dome
2 quart live bait container that is great for worms, shrimp, minnows, etc. Keeps live bait alive longer.
Challenge 10-Quart 1-Piece Bait Bucket
Largest capacity bucket in its simplest form. Just the bucket, minnow lid and handle.
Challenge 7 Quart Troll King
Extra wide design, fits in a 5 gallon bucket.
Challenge Insulated Bait Bucket
Insulated 3 ½ Gallon Bucket with Lid - Great for ice fishing as well as hot weather fishing.
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Our Premium Bait Bucket Lid fits most 3.5,5,and 6 gallon buckets. Comes equipped with a vented easy access lid, accessory clips 2 aerator clips, a cup holder, and two access holes to feed your aerator hose through.
Flambeau 3.5 Gallon Minnow Bucket
Our 3.5 Gallon Minnow Bucket has our Premium Bait Bucket Lid with aerator clip and hinge lid for easy access. Comes with a white plastic handle for easy carrying.
Flambeau Flote Rite Trolling Bait Bucket
The Flote Rite Trolling Bait Bucket has a large 8 quart capacity with molded in pontoons for stability while trolling and floats upright when not moving. The light green color helps protect your bait from the sun and heating up your bait. The reinforced handle sides are for structure and keeping your handle straight while trolling (no flexing). The handle has a hole in the top for securing your bucket to your boat with a rope, the handle also collapses down to save space. On the front is an automaticly locking door that shuts with an easy one finger closing action feature, just push the tab in and the door shuts and locks to prevent bait from escaping.
Flambeau 2 Piece Minnow Bucket
Our Two Piece Minnow Bucket has a 10 quart capacity. A two piece design, base bucket with handle and top bucket with lid, handle, and drain holes for easy access to your bait when needed. The lid has a vented access panel to easily retrieve bait from bucket.
Frabill Minnow Bucket
Removable inner bucket attaches to dock for continuous aeration. Super tough galvanized steel. Always floats door up, thanks to interior buoyancy collar. Large, easy to open access lid. Multiple aeration holes for better circulation.
Frabill Sit-N-Fish
6-gallon pail that's also a comfortable seat. Ten quart insulated foam inner bucket. Padded foam snap-on seat lid makes this a favorite with shore, pier and ice fishermen. Comfortable seat snaps on tightly. Beverage holders on inner bucket lid. Proven temperature control of insulated inner bucket.
Challenge Bait Lagoon Bucket
Foam inserts to ensure proper flotation. Fits inside a 5 gallon bucket.
Challenge Bait Lagoon Troll Bucket
Foam inserts to ensure proper flotation. Fits inside a 5 gallon bucket.
Frabill 10 Quart Bait Bucket
Frabill 451200 Magnum flow-troll 10 quart bait container. Features: Carry handle, self-closing lid with locking door and a hydrodynamic shape. 11.5" x 9" x 14".
Raw Accessories USA Bait Bucket
Digital Blue Camo Bait Bucket from Raw Accessories USA is lined and insulated with PolarBasics? insulator, and comes with a padded carrying strap
Challenge Bait Bucket
$3.99 - $6.49
Bait buckets with lid. These are an economical and space saving alternative to styrofoam. Short and wide to prevent tipovers.
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Our Minnow Can is perfect for small amounts of minnows, it has a capacity of four quarts and a lid with a hinged aerated panel for easy access to your minnows. This bucket comes with a white plastic handle for easy carrying purposes.
Plastilite C10 Bait Bucket
This product must be purchased in quantities of 6
Magic Pro-Troll?
First trolling bucket with directional control. Concave back and side attachment holes put you in control. Built-in handle for strength. Easy open-locking door. Aerates water without drag. Openings for add-on aerator. Made in USA.
Magic Multi-Bait?
Large hinged lid for easy access. Insulated liner. Built-in openings for add-on aerator. Comfortable handle with plastic grip. 8 quart capacity.
Magic Aerobait?
Catch more fish as units will keep bait lively under the toughest conditions with aeration and insulation. Easy to use as units are totally self contained and operate on "D" cell batteries. Good for the environment - With available replacement parts and reasonable care, units will outlast dozens of disposable type buckets.
Plano Bait Bucket Stowaway
Bucket-top StowAway. 18 compartments for gear and baits. Removable floor for bucket access. Two layers of compartments and general storage. Fits most standard 5-gallon buckets (bucket not included) Forrest Green/Clear. 12" Diameter x 3.75" H.
Challenge 8 Quart Turbo Troll
8-quart Turbo Troll bucket. Heavy-duty weight balanced with stay-open door.
Lindy Livewell Liner Fish Tote
Lindy's Livewell Liner is the convenient time-saving approach to keeping fish organized and easily accessible. It's also the ideal fish tote and weigh bag. Measuring 19"x20"x5-1/2" when in use, it folds easily for compact storage.
Lindy Bait Tamers
$20.99 - $24.99
Finally an easy way to store live bait by utilizing your existing storage containers or the live wells on your boat. You can extend the life of minnows, chubs and shiners.
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