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Fishing Accessories & Terminal Tackle

Blakemore Rod Floater
Losing your expensive rigs can ruin a fishing trip. Rod Floater slips easily onto your rod and secures with hook 'n' loop straps. If your rod falls or is pulled into the water, it'll float. Standard: for casting, flipping and medium-to-heavy spinning rods. Small: for crappie, ultralight and kids' rods. 3 pack.
Flexible blade for filleting. 6" Titanium Bonded 4116 German Stainless Steel blade. The durable full tang construction is visible through the Cuda scale pattern, non-slip handle.
Rapala Cleaning Boards- Ap Outdoors
A sportsman's dream, the Fillet 'n Carry is designed with a unique routed bottom that fi ts securely on 4, 5 & 6 gallon buckets. Large enough for any fi lleting task. Large oval hole to pass waste into bucket below. This board includes knife slot, beverage holder and juice groove to eliminate spillage of liquids. HDPE food grade plastic.
Bicco Fish Scaler
Easy to operate, economical and compact. No more flying fish scales.
Little Joe Heart-Of-Steel Spinners
When you're out for northern pike, that's the time for a Heart-of-Steel Spinner. Nylon-covered stainless steel leader withstands dozens of strikes from mono-slicing teeth. 1 per card.
Mr. Crappie Flo-Glo Lighted Bobbers
The Mr. Crappie Flo-Glo Lighted Bobber is a weighted snap-on lighted bobber that really works! Forget having to use the bulky, insensitive-style plastic anymore. Flo-Glo Lighted Bobbers are three times brighter and can be seen three times further. Super sensitive to the bite, Flo-Glo Lighted Bobbers look and work like a bobber. They allow you to use as a slip or fixed depth bobber and offer super high visibility. Yellow/green. 2 pack.
Rapala Cleaning Boards- Ap Outdoors
$42.99 - $84.99
These totally portable "Professional Series" fi llet boards are made from FDA & USDA approved HDPE food grade plastic. With five sizes to choose from there is a size perfect for your needs. Juice groove keeps liquids from spilling off edges.
Rapala Cleaning Boards- Ap Outdoors
Traditional fillet board design made from durable HDPE food grade plastic. Outlasts and much more sanitary than wood models. Unique bottom groove allows board to securely sit on top of 4, 5 & 6 gallon buckets. Heavy-duty sure-grip clamp with built-in handle.
Rapala Cleaning Boards- Ap Outdoors
$31.99 - $46.99
Simple in design, brilliant in function, the Folding Fillet Board folds for compact storage and transport, then opens for a USDA & FDA approved cutting surface for filleting, slicing and dicing. A perfect choice for fishing, hunting, the kitchen and camping.
Rapala Cleaning Boards- Ap Outdoors
$54.99 - $59.99
Compact for transporting and storage, the Fat Boy Fillet Boards have ample room, with a wide surface to fi llet all species of fi sh. Heavy-duty sure-grip clamp with built-in handle. Made of durable HDPE foo d grade plastic. FDA & USDA approved.
Old Salty Planers
$13.99 - $29.99
The Old Salty Planer is designed to get your line down deep in the water without heavy weights.
Berkley Soft Touch Hemostat Pliers
Comfort non-slip grips. Corrosion resistant stainless steel. Ideal for removing hooks or tying flies.
Eagle Claw Fishfinder Swivels
$34.68 - $56.16
Fishfinder sinker slide, with duo-lock snap.
Calcutta Authentic Rod Belts
$11.99 - $24.99
All Feature: Stainless steel cross pins. Heavy duty mesh belt with adjustable hook and loop closure. Specially formulated impact resistant polymer shell. Foam padding for added comfort.
Sea Striker Hardwood Handle Gaffs
$16.99 - $22.99
Features stainless steel hook.
Tru-Turn Hitchhiker
$2.99 - $17.94
Snap-on coil device used to connect almost anything to hooks.
H&H Mag Redfish Rig
$2.69 - $16.14
Jigs rigged together with 30 lb. monofilament leader. Each rig is individually. 6 pack.
Calcutta Fillet Knives
$23.99 - $26.99
Features high carbon stainless steel blades. Authentic Calcutta fish fillet knives offer the top quality craftsmanship and performance that sportsman and outdoor enthusiasts demand. Slip resistant handles and Kershaw's famous "Shaving Sharp" edge make fish cleaning easy, even in wet conditions. Includes Sheath.
Sea Striker Wsp-6 Whiting Sand Perch Rig
This 25 lb. mono rig has two #6 cadmium hooks and a snap for sinker connection. Individually packaged.
Shur Strike Bluefish Rig
This rig is tied with 10" of 120lb. test black coated Sealon wire, a #1/0 swivel and a size 5/0 bronze hook. Individually packaged.
Calcutta King Rigs
Let Calcutta take care of all of your king fish rig needs and spend more time fishing. The rigs are made from quality single strand wire and hooks and come in several sizes.
Blue Water Candy Dead Bait Rig
These skirted 1/2 ounce painted jig heads with a #4 Stinger optimize swimming capabilities of dead bait. No longer worry about catching live bait before fishing! Great when baited with cigar minnows, squid and ballyhoo. Great for dolphin and kingfish.
Berkley Mini Line Spooler
Small size for easy storage. Accommodates up to a quarter pound spool of line. Clips onto nearly any size rod. Adjustable line tension. Weather resistant material.
H&H Magnum Redfish Rigs
3", 1/4 oz., 40 lb. A pioneer in Trout fishing tackle.
Sea Striker Tarpon Rigs
$3.19 - $7.09
A high quality tarpon rig made with 6' of 100 lb. test monofilament. It has a 2/0 Sea Striker® swivel on one end and a 6/0 plated hook at the bottom. Individually packaged. SSTRW features a wire tarpon rig made with 12' of #7 brown solid stainless wire. A #5 black Sea Striker® swivel is haywire twisted on one end and the other end has a 7694-5/0 Mustad® tarpon hook. Assembled with a professional haywire twist. TRCH-13/0 features monofilament-13/0 circle hook. Individually packaged.
Boone Live Bait Rigs
Uncoil and insert the live bait hook through the nostrils. Next, pin the treble hook by the dorsal fin or let it swing freely. Be sure to get your baits in the water quickly. Trolling speed should be slow, just moving forward. When using large baits, you will need to adjust your speed. 2 per pack.
Sea Striker Beach Runner Surf/Pier/Beach Cart
A versatile cart featuring 7 durable PVC rod/accessory holders and the capability to hold up to a 54 qt. cooler. Tough powder coat finish protects cart from the elements. Easy assembly with included tools. With wide surface plastic wheels.
Billfisher Aluminum Single Sleeves
$5.59 - $84.99
Highest quality single sleeves.Packed in vinyl tuck bags with hang-up header.
Eco Pro Diamond Pegs
Once again Eco Pro has taken terminal tackle to the next level. After you rig your favorite plastic bait on to any size or style of hook, simply insert the Eco Pro Diamond Peg in to the hook eye to securely lock your plastic in place. The unique design of the Diamond Peg locks your plastic in place saving on wear and tear and keeps you fishing instead of adjusting your bait! 20 pack.
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