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Camping accessories

Coghlans Family Pack Lightsticks
Fun for the whole family. Eight 4 inch lightsticks. Eight colors per pack. No heat, no flame. Cool to the touch. Non-toxic.
Coleman Refillable Butane Lighter
Refillable. Adjustable flame. On/off switch with child-safety lock. One lighter per pack.
Coghlans Snaplight Lightsticks
$4.69 - $8.69
Safe and reliable light anytime in all conditions. This chemi-luminescent technology is available in several colors which lend themselves to use as warning lights, marker lights, signal lights, dive lights or safety lights as well as dozens of applications in the outdoors. No flame or heat, no batteries required, non-toxic, won't attract insects, cool to the touch, weatherproof.
Coghlans Mosquito Net
$5.59 - $19.49
Rectangular shape fits over sleeping bag or cot. Fine mesh polyester. Suspends w/poles or rope (not included) utilizing 6 reinforced tie tabs at corner and sides. Washable. Use indoors or out.
Coghlans Plastic/Rubber Repair Kit
For on-the-spot repair of any vinyl, plastic or soft rubber item such as air mattresses, wading pools, waders, boots, toys, gloves, etc. Each kit contains sufficient patch material and cement for several repairs.
Coghlans Nylon Repair Tape
Rip-stop nylon with pressure sensitive adhesive backing. Ideal for emergency repairs to nylon tents, parkas, ski jackets, etc. Easy to use - just peel off paper backing and apply.
Coghlans Clothes Line
Polypropylene rope. Rope slides included. 25 ft. X 3/16 inch.
Coghlans Anodized Aluminum Tent Stakes
Three sided design provides extra holding power. Pull cord
Coghlans Dry Pouches
$15.49 - $27.99
Keeps your valuables safe on the water! Great for camping, boating, kayaking, and more! Hermetically seals out water with secure dual locking tabs. Touch screen sensitive plastic. Includes a neck strap and a carabiner for attachment. Floats.
ALPS Weekender Stadium Seats
Tired of sitting on the hard ground with nothing to lean back on? The Weekender is a great solution to this problem... the padded closed cell foam provides great protection from the uneven ground to provide a comfortable seat with a back so you can lean back and have support. The Weekender works great if the ground is the only option, keeping you from having to sit directly in the dirt. At only 21 ounces, the Weekender can be brought almost anywhere. When you're not hunting, you can bring the Weekender to your sporting events, to protect you from the cold, hard bleachers. There are bottom webbing straps that are designed to wrap around bleachers or canoe seats to keep you in place. There is a large mesh pocket on the back of the seat to hold snacks, cameras, ammo and any other small gadgets you want to keep with you while you're out and about. The Weekender is available in the attractive Realtree AP HD fabric.
Coghlans Camo Cord
Braid polypropylene cord. Camouflage pattern. Reusable plastic winder. Length: 50 ft.
Coghlans Clothes Clips
Ideal for hanging towels, laundry, wet bathing suits, airing sleeping bags, etc. Colorful plastic-coated wire clips. Strong, will not break or bend. Unique design allows clips to be permanently attached to clothesline. 8 clips per card.
Coghlans Drinking Water Tablets
A must on all trips for emergency disinfection of drinking water. 50 tablets for solution in each bottle. One tablet will disinfect approx. one quart of water. Complete instructions included.
Coghlans Wooden Safety Matches
For lighting fireplaces, campfires, camp stoves or barbecues. 250 matches per box 2 boxes shrink wrapped together.
Coghlans Grommet Kit
Brass-plated grommets for canvas, plastic, leather, cotton or synthetic fabrics. Kit contains 20 3/8" grommets, cutting tool, insert punch and setting die.
Coghlans Fire Sticks
A fast, safe way to start barbecues, campfires and fireplaces. Sticks leave no odor and burn completely. Non-toxic. Will light even after being submerged in water. An excellent emergency source of heat, light or for use as a flare. Twelve 5" sticks to a package. Weight: 6 oz.
Coghlans Mesh Mosquito Head Net
Deluxe fine mesh mosquito head net with draw string.
Coghlans Backwoods Mosquito Net
$20.99 - $26.99
9755: Ultra fine 196 polyester mesh, rectangular, fits over single cot or bag. 9765: Fits double cot or bag. Suspends with poles or ropes (not included). Six reinforced tie tabs. Olive green.
Coghlans Signal Whistle
A must for canoeing, boating or wilderness trips. Shrill plastic whistle. Cork pea. Lanyard included.
Coghlans Skewers
Chrome plated. Flat sides to keep food from twisting. 12" length. 4 per card.
Coghlans Screen Patches
Ideal repair for nylon, metal or fiberglass screens in trailers, tent windows and doors. Easy to use pressure sensitive Mylar. Each package contains three 5" X 6 1/2" pieces.
Coghlans Emergency Blanket
A compact, lightweight blanket. Aluminized, non-stretch polyester. Stays flexible in freezing temperatures. Reflects body heat back to body. Wind and waterproof. Weighs only 1.5 oz. Size is 53" X 82.5".
Coghlans Wilderness Signal Whistle
A must for every camping, hiking, canoe or field trip. Whistle is nickel plated.
Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter
Small and compact, the Fire Starter offers years of use. Watertight construction keeps tinder safe and dry, so when you need it, you can trust it. Overall length: 4.8". Weight 2.6 oz.
Coghlans Folding Scissors
Stainless steel blades. Chrome-plated die-cast handles. Handy for pocket, purse, pack, camping, fishing, and travel.
Coghlans Survival Poncho
Made from a composite layering of polyethylene and metallized aluminum that can help reduce heat loss in situations where hypothermia is possible. Features a hood and reinforced seams in a rain poncho format that give maximum mobility.
Coghlans Cooler Light
Coghlan's Cooler Light is a single LED light reflected through an acrylic lens designed to shine automatically when the lid is raised and to turn off when the cooler is closed. Unlike the typical refrigerator, the Cooler Light will shut off automatically after 20 seconds regardless if the lid is shut completely.
Coghlans Mosquito Head Net
Fits comfortably over most headwear. Fine mesh keeps mosquitoes and other insects out. Elasticized at the neck for a snug fit.
Coghlans Refillable Gas Lighter
Child resistant mechanism. Refillable, butane fueled. Piezoelectric activated. Adjustable flame. On-Off safety switch. A convenient, reliable gas lighter for home or camp.
Coghlans Sportsmans Soap
Mild, biodegradable coconut oil concentrate liquid soap for hands and face. Two 21.3 mil per tube.
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