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Black Powder Guns & Accessories

CVA Capper/Extractor Tool
Allows for easy for capping & removal of Shot shell primers.
Traditions Universal Breech Plug & Nipple Wrench
A steel wrench that will remove 209, musket & #11 nipples plus the breech plug from Traditions' In-Line muzzleloaders. Steel handle included. This wrench replaces the discontinued A1356.
Traditions Deluxe Flask
Popular tubular-style flask, tastefully adorned with the Traditions name. Solid brass, heavy-walled, seamless cylinder with threaded cap for easy filling. Holds a generous supply of black powder or Pyrodex. Valve-type dispenser with spout.
Traditions Pursuit G4 Ultralight
This rifle has kept many of the features you have come to love with the Pursuit series but have upgraded others to make the rifle more comfortable and attractive. The new and improved Pursuit? G4 Ultralight features a wider forend to provide a better grip and hand position when shouldering the rifle. In addition to a new forend the receiver is slimmer and conceals the hinge pin which allows for a more streamlined look. Outfitted with a Chromoly barrel, this provides the Pursuit? with immense strength and unparalled accuracy while allowing the gun to be lightweight. The barrel and receiver is coated in Premium CeraKote Finish which is 50 times more corrosion-resistant than stainless steel in protecting against black powder, cleaning chemicals, and any weather you may encounter.
Traditions Straight Line Capper
Solid brass carries 15 No. 11 caps ready for precise dispensing.
CVA Lifetime Range Rod
This heavy duty long rod makes loading and cleaning easy.
Traditions 1860 Army Revolver Steel
The richly blued .44 caliber barrel contrasts handsomely with either steel or brass frame models. Offered with walnut grips. Authentic in every detail to give you the same experience as during the Civil War. 2 lbs total weight. 8" barrel.
CVA Flexible Breech Plug Cleaners
Pipe cleaners with stiff bristles imbedded in the material for extra heavy duty cleaning in hard-to-get-to places.
CVA Breech Plugnipple Grease
Formulated to withstand heat created during the ignition of powder. 2 oz. tube. Prevents nipple and breech plugs from seizing up.
Traditions Wonder Wads
100% wool wads, lubed with all natural WonderLube 1000 Plus?. Will improve performance and accuracy with revolver balls, conical bullets, and 12 gauge black powder shotguns.
Traditions 15' Cannon Fuse
Excellent for firing cannons, completely water resistant. Burn rate 1ft/30 seconds.
Traditions Flintlocks Shooters Kit
Includes: Deluxe brass powder flask, brass pan primer, brass adjustable powder measure with swivel top funnel, universal cleaning pick and wooden ball starter.
Traditions Revolver Nipples
Three per pack. Fits Pietta revolvers.
Traditions Revolver Powder Measure
Perfectly sized for revolver chambers and small-bore rifles. Accurately measures loads from 5-45 grains. Solid Brass.
Traditions Retractable Nipple Pick
Brass body with push-up slide extends nipple pick at an angle to reach In-Line rifle nipples.
CVA Hunter Powder Measure
Compact telescopic design that fits in your pocket. Measure 50 to 120 grains, in 10 grain increments. Loop ring for attachment to a lanyard. Constructed of all brass.
CVA In-Line Breech Brush Set
Designed to loosen powder fouling that accumulates after shooting. Large brush cleans breech area while small brush cleans breech plugs.
Hodgdon Fuse
Water resistant and lacquered.
CVA Straight Line Capper
The all-brass, rectangular tube design eliminates problems with tipped and jammed caps.
CVA Nylon Cleaning Brush
The perfect follow-up brush to wire brushes. Removes the smaller fouling particles.
CVA Barrel Blaster Parts Soaker
Use to soak breech plugs and nipples, or any other small heavily fouled parts.
Traditions Blackened Field Capper
Compact solid brass with a durable blackened finish for non-glare field use. Holds 10 No. 11 Caps.
Thompson Center Hunter's Choice Muzzleloading Accessory Kit
Kit includes: (1) Lightweight composite T-handle Short Starter/Ram Rod Extension; (10) .50 cal Shock Wave Sabots with 250 grain Shock Wave bullets; (1) Flex Loader for easy field carry or prepared loads; (1) 4 oz. bottle of No. 13 Bore Cleaner; (50) 2 1/2" cotton Cleaning Patches; (25) 2 1/2" All-Natural Seasoning Patches; (1) .23 oz. tube of Super Lube; (1) Universal (Shock Wave) loading tip/jag; (1) Breech Brush; (1) DVD "World of Muzzleloading."
Traditions Revolver Nipple Wrench
Fits all 1851, 1860 and 1858 revolvers. Nipple pick attached to brass cap.
Winchester Percussion Cap
Perfect for your modern reproduction of classic blackpowder rifles, Winchester's #11 Mag Black-Powder Percussion Caps produce a hot flame for consistent powder ignition. Noncorrosive priming compound ensures solid ignition. Magnum primer produces a hotter spark. Per 1,000.
Traditions EZ Clean 2 1000 Plus Lube
Increase the performance of your muzzleloader by maintaining it with the EZ Clean? 2 1000 Plus Lube. This product seasons the barrel, reducing fouling, increasing accuracy, preventing rust and providing easier loading. In addition, it works excellently as a patch and bullet lubricant. The TraditionsĀ® EZ Clean 2 1000 Plus Lube is made with all natural ingredients.
Hodgdon Triple Seven
Triple Seven works with all styles and brands of projectiles which makes it easy to find a load and maintain accuracy.
CVA Flasks
Designed with the needs of the shooter in mind. These all-brass flasks come in three different models. The end caps can be unscrewed for easier, faster and safer loading. The field model flask holds 2Ā½ ounces of powder in a compact flask.
CVA Barrel Blaster Solvent Spray
Use to wet cleaning patches for swabbing the barrel or with a parts cleaning brush to remove fouling from gun parts. 12 oz.
CVA Cleaning Patches
$6.49 - $16.49
2" diameter cleaning patches which are a perfect fit over a CVA cleaning jag.
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