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Crossbow accessories

Wicked Ridge Rope Cocker
This ultra-durable crossbow rope-cocker features an abrasion-resistant, high-tenacity polyester cord, custom-dyed in high-visibility hunter orange. Its plastic handles and hooks are constructed from the same super-tough ST801 nylon as the ACU-52.
Red Hot Pro-Sling Elite
Thermo formed crossbow sling has a generous padded foam body, tapered profile with a non slip rubber back for all day comfort and carry. Fully adjustable 1" webbing, with swivels included.
Red Hot Accessory Kit
Formulated for crossbows shooting over 300fps. This kit includes a 6 pack of RED HOT HV Carbon arrows, 3 pack Crosspro 100 FX Broadheads, 6 100 grain matched weight field points, RED HOT wax & barrel lube kit, rope cocker and deluxe padded no-lip sling with swivels.
Ravin Crossbow Soft Case
Handsome, slim and sleek design. This heavy duty, black soft-sided padded case is designed to first and foremost protect your Ravin Crossbow from damage. It can comfortably store a fully assembled Ravin Crossbow with mounted scope, quiver and bolts for quick and easy use. Other features: inside and outside pouches to safely store your quiver, bolts, scope, binoculars and other accessories, heavy duty handles and a backpack-style.
Bohning Lightning Crossbow Lube
$16.49 - $21.99
Silicone based, organic polymer which is optically clear, inert, non-toxic, and non-flammable. Provides a protective film which separates the two surfaces reducing friction and increasing the velocity of your crossbow bolts. Will not collect dirt & is scent free.
Excalibur Flemish Fast Flight String
Combines modern materials with traditional time proven design for the utmost in performance and durability. For use only on Excalibur Crossbows with "Magtip" moulded limb tips.
Tenpoint SteddyEddy
This telescoping, two-section monopod steadies your aim. It's made of hard-tempered alloy aluminum and uses a patented Posi-Lock System? to set the length with a quick turn of the extension pole. Attaches to your crossbow with a maneuverable ball-joint system and clamps under the stock when not in use.
Tenpoint Flight Rail & Trigger Lube
This gel-based lubricant will not gum up in cold weather or collect dirt, and grit, which could make your trigger sluggish and impede its performance.
Featuring micro-adjustable dampening rods with durable, high impact rubber dampeners the String Dampening System mounts in the cable slot to dramatically reduce string noise and oscillation. Micro-adjustable dampening rods are fitted with durable, high-impact rubber dampeners that reduce the string's vibration without reducing the speed or accuracy of the arrow.
Barnett Rope Cocking Device
Simplifies cocking any crossbow by decreasing the cocking tension by half. Handles allow for firm hold and the rope maybe adjusted to fit both the bow and user.
Barnett Thump De-Cocking Arrow
The shock absorbing EVAC Decelerators slide up the shaft at point of contact with the ground. This unique design allows for the safe discharge of the crossbow and eliminates the unnecessary waste of a good arrow.
Carbon Express Rail Lube
Carbon Express® flight rail white stick lubricant increases string life and reduces friction between the rail and string for improved performance. This clean, odorless stick lubricant with silicone effectively lubricates, protects and preserves your archery equipment while also acting as a rust inhibitor for added versatility. Ideal for metal, wood, leather and plastic.
Carbon Express Universal Rope Cocker
The easiest way to cock your crossbow. This reduces the pull weight of your crossbow by 50% and ensures that the string is cocked perfectly straight for more consistent and repeatable accuracy. The comfortable T-handles make for easy pulling. This device attaches quickly and quietly to nearly any crossbow.
Red Hot 3X32 Multi Reticle Scope
Multi-Reticle 3x32 scope. Short, Compact and Lightweight. 1" mono tube construction. Fast focus eye piece in ocular lens. Designed for crossbows shooting 300 fps and faster. Bore sight landing marks on top of tube for sight in. Aim points to 60 yards. Waterproof, fog proof, shock proof. Lifetime Warranty.
Red Hot Wax & Lube Kit
Contains graphite & silicone they provide maximum viscosity and protection for bowstrings & all other points of contact. Easy push-up tube is useful for not only servings, but hard to fit nocks & arrow tips. Increases life and performance of products made of wood, plastic, metal & rubber. Penetrates and coats to reduce friction & wear. Odorless, non-toxic & waterproof.
LimbSaver Crossbow Conditioning Kit
Includes Premium Rail lube and string wax.
Ravin Crossbow String Cable Set
We recommend that strings and cables be replaced at your local pro shop or the Ravin Service Department. If you elect to replace the strings and cables, use only the Ravin Press. Do not use the Ravin Bow Press on any other crossbow. Carefully read the instructions and its warnings supplied with the Ravin Bow Press before use.
Ravin Crossbow Vibration Dampener
Extend the life of your bow by increasing stability and shock absorption. Simply seat the Ravin Limb Dampeners between the limbs next to the riser pockets. This quick and easy installation gives you a quieter, smoother shot in just a few seconds.
Dead Down Wind Rail Lube & Bow Wax
Keep your items ready for use with the Dead Down Wind Bow Wax and Rain Lube. It waterproofs, lubricates and protects strings and rails and prevents fraying of the bowstring and cables. This product can be used on rails, bows, crossbows, firearms and arrows. It is formulated to penetrate and protect the bowstring. The crossbow rail lube contains anti-corrosion properties and is totally odorless. Use it to help improve the consistency of arrow flight and speed. The pocket size makes it perfect for use in the field.
A lighted version of our revolutionary, all-purpose Omni-Nock?, the NEW three-piece Omni-Brite Lighted Nock System consists of a Nock Receiver, LED Unit, and transparent Omni-Brite Nock. The Receiver fits into the nock end of the arrow and serves to auto index the combined LED and Omni-Brite Nock when fitted into it. The LED Unit is replaceable after it loses its charge. Both the Omni-Nock and Omni-Brite eliminate improper loading accidents common with moon and capture nocks, and prevent flat-nock "shoot over" or "shoot under", which can happen with reverse-draw bows and today's narrow bow assemblies. The Omni-Brite provides superior flight visibility while improving arrow flight.
Tenpoint 3X Pro-View Crossbow Scope
This lightweight, 8.5-inch aluminum-tube scope features 20, 30, 40, and 50-yard dots (fourth dot is free standing, just below the 40-yard crosshair) and fully-coated 3x optics. Available with non-illuminated black dots or one of two rheostat-controlled, illuminated colored dots (red or green).
Excalibur Crossbow Stringer
Changing strings on your Excalibur crossbow is fast and easy when you use our crossbow stringer. It takes the sweat out of stringing, unstringing, or changing strings.
Excalibur Crankaroo Cocking Aid
The perfect solution for hunters who have difficulty drawing high poundage crossbows. The Crankaroo dramatically reduces the effort required to draw any of Excalibur's models, as well as guaranteeing consistent string alignment. Unlike cumbersome permanently mounted cranks, it detaches in seconds when the bow is cocked, and is carried separately in a pack or pocket. Constructed of high strength aluminum alloys and machined to tightest tolerances, it will provide years of trouble free service.
Excalibur Excel String
Machine made to achieve high arrow velocities with maximum reliability. This string comes standard with all of our models. For use only with Excalibur Crossbows with "Magtip" moulded limb tips.
Excalibur Rope Cocking Aid
Allows you to comfortably load & unload any Excalibur crossbow by reducing the felt draw weight by 50% as well as guarantee perfect string alignment for optimum accuracy. Made from highest quality components. It uses comfortable "T" handles & easily slips into a pocket when not in use.
Allen Crossbow Rail Lube
Increases bolt speed. Increases string life. Convenient stick in a tube design.
Carbon Express Crossbolt Nock
A Precision Nock will fit arrow to bowstring tightly, yet with enough space to allow for a natural draw and release. An overly tight or loose fitting nock can negatively impact arrow flight and accuracy.
Barnett Multi-Tool Rope Cocking Device
The easiest and most affordable way to cock your crossbow. Compatible with most crossbows. Reduces strength required to cock a crossbow by one half. Also includes Multi Tool.
Red Hot Lighted Capture Nocks
$43.99 - $54.99
Powered by Lumenok. Engineered for modern, high performance crossbows. Capture Nock designed for safety and accuracy. Exclusive, PATENTED design. Battery Life of over 40 hour. Standard Replaceable Battery (BR 425). Lights when the Arrow is shot. Switch Off Easily by Pressing on the Nock. Fits the Following Crossbow Arrow Brands: Parker Hunter Arrows (2013) and others with inside diameters of 0.300". 28 Grains.
Tenpoint Crossbow Unloading Bolt
An improved version of the original Crossbow Unloading Bolt (CUB) features our patented Omni- Nock technology and may be used to unload most crossbows, including reverse draw models and models with extremely narrow bow assemblies. Made from biodegradable polymer, it naturally decomposes over time to minimize environmental impact. 6-pack
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