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Blind-Side Gobblers With These Tips

By Bill Mays

So long as the turkeys want to be there, a blind will work even if you don't have adjacent cover.Hunting turkeys from blinds has been very rewarding for me and many of my hunting friends. Now that I have gotten up in age, it gets very uncomfortable to sit without moving for hours on end waiting for Mr. Longbeard to show up. I also have my young grandchildren hunting with me and with everyone hidden away in the blind I don’t have to worry about keeping them staying perfectly still.

Black it out
The first tip is if you are using a blind that has black insides, wear black clothing and black your face. When you are in all black, you can open the blind opening wider and the turkeys will not pick-up the movement inside the blind. I use the Double Bull Blind by Primos when I take the grandkids for the extra room inside the blind. I also use the Double Bull Blind when I am archery hunting because of the extra room. When I am shooting turkeys with a shotgun and have to travel a long ways to set up, I use a smaller blind.

Scout for blind position

When blind hunting, I have scouted in advance and know which direction the turkeys will be traveling.  I always place the decoys facing the blind so the gobbler will have to pass in front of the blind to face the decoys. When a turkey hangs up and doesn’t want to come within gun or archery range, most of the time it’s because the decoys are facing the incoming bird. In a natural situation the gobbler gobbles and the hen will come to him. When he can’t see the hen or jake decoy facing him, he will walk in to make eye contact and make the turn to face the decoy within gun or archery range only 10-15 yards from the blind.

A big gobbler is the reward for setting up your turkey hunting blind in the right spot.Blinds work almost anywhere

Place the blind where the turkey wants to be and chances are you will get action. Even in the middle of a pasture with no cover is okay, if that's where the birds are. It is not necessary to put the blind up in advance. If there are cattle grazing in the pasture, you definitely don't want to set the blind up the day or night before, since the cattle will destroy the blind.

Keep it down to a dull roar

Blind hunting for turkeys is very relaxing and exciting, so relaxing you just might forget that birds have ears, too. Keep it down to a dull roar. Don’t move around a lot when the birds are coming in, and only whisper when talking. Good Hunting!

Bill Mays is a noted Northern California outdoor writer and publisher of Wing and Clay Online.