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Youth Hunts Offer Great Opportunity

Get your youngsters out in the field!What better way to pass along the heritage and traditions of hunting than getting sons and daughters out into the field? And there is no substitute for success when it comes to cementing those values.

Let our knowledgeable staff guide you into finding the right gear for your young hunters and show you how they can gain valuable skills through the many youth-only opportunities provided in our state. 

From big game like elk and deer to upland birds and waterfowl, special hunts and extended seasons for younger sportsmen abound. The best part is you will get to share the experience.

The  difference between a regular hunt is only those qualified by their age – from legal hunting age up to 16 years old – are allowed to handle the firearms and take game during these special events. The adult is there to mentor and make sure the situation stays safe at all times. 

Often experienced hunters with trained dogs will volunteer their expertise, while some clubs will offer bird shoots at reduced prices. For species like deer and waterfowl, chances to get out in the field before or after the regular season add to the attraction and are a common method state wildlife officers employ to encourage young hunters. The bottom line is the chance for success in the field skyrockets on Junior or Youth Hunts.

Getting youth ready to be both successful and safe in the field when the chance to hunt arises is a serious responsibility. We're here to help you choose the right gun and hunter safety courses, and offer advice on the latest shotguns, rifles and archery gear and explain what is appropriate for junior hunters. So when the chance arises for a special hunt and the next generation gets to bag their first buck or drop their first pheasant, they'll be ready to seize the opportunity!